How about delivery?


Delivery of the ordered goods is performed by our contractual partner Pošta Slovenije.

Shipments are delivered every working day during the week.

Delivery is made to the address you specified on the order. In the event that you are not at the address at the time of delivery, the Post Office will leave you a notification of the arrival of the shipment, which you pick up at the specified unit of Pošta Slovenije.

You can read more about the expected delivery times of the Post of Slovenia on their website - If your shipment is late, you can also contact 080 14 00 for more information. To inquire about the status of your package, it is necessary to prepare the tracking number of the package, which you received via SMS to the telephone number provided as part of the registration.

In the event that the stock of the product runs out or the product is not currently in stock, it will usually be marked on the website. All other problems regarding the availability of products are subject to individual communication. Moja lekarna doo fulfills its obligation as soon as possible, but no later than within 30 days after the conclusion of the contract, unless the parties have agreed otherwise.

The cost of delivery is calculated before the end of the order (4th step of the order).

For faster delivery or delivery outside the country of Slovenia, it is necessary to arrange by phone or e-mail.

If the ordered product is currently unavailable, the delivery is agreed with the buyer.

WARNING: most shipments for orders from Slovenia are also equipped with the KLIC2 option. This service is free of charge for the customer in cases where the package is successfully served (if this is not the case, the costs of the KLIC2 service may be charged to the customer after the service has already been performed).

What is CALL2?

This is a service of Pošta Slovenije, taking you the second day from the original unsuccessful they call home and inform you that you can pick up the package in person at the Pošta Slovenije business unit, and in certain cases you can also order re-delivery. In order for this service to be successful, it is necessary to enter the appropriate telephone contact during the registration process or change it accordingly (if you change the telephone number).

You can also pick up the ordered products in person at our branch.

Record the address of the company on the cover

If you would like the name of the company to be written on the cover, you can do so by writing the name of the company in parentheses after the surname. Such zais is especially important in the event that many companies are located at the stated address.


Name: Tadej

Surname: Finžgar ( Firma doo )

How do I register for delivery in the sense of POSTAL LAYING?

Important: the POSTAL LAYING option is only possible with Pošta Slovenije.

Below is a display of the record in the case of GOST:



Below is a record of the record in the case of a REGISTERED customer:

Step 1: Press the big green button: ADD A NEW ADDRESS OR COMPANY ADDRESS

order step

Step 2: Fill in the table as shown in the sketch below and continue with your purchase

poštno ležeče

Important: your personal data are: name, surname, e-mail address, password and your telephone number, and further data are data concerning the business unit of the Slovenian Post, where you want the shipment to be located as a postal item. In the box Address 1: enter the words: POSTAL LOCATED, then enter the postal code of this unit and the city (eg: 8000 Novo mesto), where the business unit of the Post of Slovenia is also located.

Delivery costs

  1. Purchases in Slovenia
  2. Purchases from other EU Countries
  3. Purchases from non-EU countries (NON EU countries)


Depending on the amount of purchase for residents in Slovenia, we offer the following discounts on delivery:

Service / Value up to 15 € from 15.01 - 49.99 € over € 50
collection at the pharmacy 0 € 0 € 0 €
ordinary delivery with Pošta Slovenije € 4.20 € 2.55 0 €
ordinary delivery + careful handling € 5.20 € 3.20 € 1.22
delivery by 10 a.m. € 5.58 € 3.58 € 1.45
delivery after 4 p.m. € 5.58 € 3.58 € 1.45

Your order becomes valid when you ship it, the prices are valid on the day the order is shipped.

When ordering after collection, the Post of Slovenia markets you € 1.05 to pay the payment slip!


Depending on the amount of purchase for residents OTHER EUROPEAN COUNTRIES we offer the following discounts on delivery:

Service / Value up to € 100 from 100 € to 400 € from 400 to 1000 € from 1000 to 2000 € over 2000 €
EU shipping option 16 € 16 € 12 € 8 € 0 €
Bubble letter (only if possible!) 13 € 9 € 9 € 9 € 9 €
Ship transportation (if possible) € 275 € 275 € 275 € 275 € 200


Depending on the amount of purchase for residents OTHER COUNTRIES THAT ARE NOT MEMBERS OF THE EUROPEAN UNION we offer the following discounts on delivery:

Service / Value up to € 400 over € 400
EU shipping option 23 € 23 €
Bubble letter (only if possible!) 19 € 19 €
Ship transportation (if possible) € 275 € 275
Shippment (by air) € 127 € 127

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