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Detoxamine activated zeolite DT-002, 200 capsules
Detoxamine activated zeolite DT-002, 200 capsules
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Detoxamine activated zeolite DT-002, 200 capsules

Manufacturer: Detoxamin
A medical device that can help maintain health and protect the body from diseases caused by oxidative stress.
Price: 34.07 €
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Product specifications
Specifier Value
Problem cancer
Contains zeolit
Product Type capsules
Purpose detox



Capsule composition

372.73mg Zeolite, 37.27mg   natural Dolomite, cellulose 90 mg

Zeolite (clinoptilolite) is a rare natural mineral of volcanic origin that has been formed for thousands of years. It has the shape of a crystal lattice, and its most important property is its high absorption power. the ability to neutralize and remove harmful substances from the body, as it acts as a natural filter in the digestive tract, where it adsorbs toxins and heavy metals, and also greatly reduces the formation of free radicals. Zeolite is activated by tribomechanical activation and thus acquires a huge adsorption area, ie about 1000 m2 per 1 gram. The binding of toxic substances protects the organism from harmful substances, and on the other hand leads to an improvement in the ability to detoxify organs, e.g. liver and kidney. Thus, the organism becomes stronger and more resistant to stressful situations.


- Mainly for detoxifying the body and reducing oxidative stress caused by various factors:   use of various drugs, UV radiation, environmental toxins,

various stimulants such as e.g. alcohol and tobacco, saturated fats in food
- When losing weight & ndash; that is when various toxins are flushed into the blood from the fat depots
- Preventive & ndash; as a support to your immune system to get rid of metabolic and other waste products in a timely manner
- For people living in areas contaminated with heavy metals & ndash; activated zeolite binds heavy metals and removes them from the body.
- To provide the necessary trace elements to the body, to regulate the pH of the blood
- To help with radiation and chemotherapy
- As a nourishing cosmetics & ndash; helps to improve the overall skin metabolism.
- Zeolite contributes to the balance of minerals in the body and provides optimal acid in the digestive tract, adsorbs and stabilizes organic compounds, and has a positive effect on the microflora.


1-3 times a day, one capsule next to a meal with some water.


Pregnant women, nursing mothers and people with other health problems should consult their doctor before using Detoxamin DT-002 capsules. If side effects occur while taking, it is necessary to stop taking Detoxamin capsules DT -002. Detoxamine Capsules   DT-002 are not suitable for patients with chronic constipation (constipation) as they may affect the increase in constipation; they are also not suitable for kidney patients on dialysis and for patients with organ transplants. Do not exceed the measured daily amount. Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age.

Ratings and Reviews

Tomaž; | 10/6/2014 2:00 AM
super zadeva!
Eva; | 5/31/2016 2:00 AM
Uživanje prehranskega dopolnila mesec ali več bo šele takrat pokazalo morebitne učinke.
LP Eva




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Product specifications
Specifier Value
Problem cancer
Contains zeolit
Product Type capsules
Purpose detox

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