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Dermozoil Erbagil cream, 100 mL
Dermozoil Erbagil cream, 100 mL
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Dermozoil Erbagil cream, 100 mL

Manufacturer: Erbagil
Dermozoil cream is suitable for skin care in dermatitis and dematosis.
Price: 25.64 €
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Product specifications
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Product Type cream, Medical apliance
Problem dermatitis
Purpose skin


Dermozoil cream is suitable for skin care in dermatitis and dematosis.

Benefits and properties of the cream

  • does not contain cortisone
  • works locally
  • Easy to use
  • positive effect on the skin

Dermozoil cream action

A very common inflammatory skin disease that afflicts many people is known in various forms. Dermatitis is expressed on the skin as a skin rash caused by various inflammations, allergies or direct contact with irritants.

Unpleasant dermatitis is often accompanied by itching and redness, the skin dries out, and even painful ulcers can occur. Dermozoil cream can help you care for diseased skin. This effective product works locally and effectively eliminates erythema, inflammation and irritation and prevents itching. It has a beneficial effect on the natural barrier function of the skin and at the same time protects the affected skin from excessive dehydration.

Ozoil is present in the cream, which ensures effective action when applied. It is a group of molecules that has been patented along with black currant and this combination is very similar in action to cortisone. Ozoil prevents oxidative degenerative processes. Gradually, the visible redness on the face also decreases. Due to the added hyaluronic acid in the formulation, the cream slows down the loss of moisture and binds it intensively to itself and keeps it under the epidermis.

With regular use, you will get rid of the unpleasant sensations caused by dermatitis and dematosis.

Using the cream

Apply a layer of Dermozoil cream evenly over the entire affected area. Pay special attention to the most critical areas. We recommend applying the cream two to three times a day or in accordance with the doctor's instructions. Adjust the treatment period after consultation with a specialist and according to the effect of the cream.

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