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DermaLuxeLash for eyelash extensions (PACKAGE 2 + 1)
DermaLuxeLash for eyelash extensions (PACKAGE 2 + 1)
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DermaLuxeLash for eyelash extensions (PACKAGE 2 + 1)

Manufacturer: Dermaluxe
DermaLuxeLash is suitable for eyelash revitalization and accelerated eyebrow growth.
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Purpose eyelash treatment
Problem Loss of eyelashes


The DermaLuxeLash product is suitable for revitalizing eyelashes and accelerating eyebrow growth.

In the set you get:
2x Dermaluxelash 1.5 mL + 1x Dermaluxelash 1.5 mL

The DermaLuxeLash product is suitable for revitalizing eyelashes and accelerated eyebrow growth. The product promises 30% to 50% longer and thicker eyelashes. DermaLuxeLash  accelerates their growth and strength and the structure of the eyelash. The DermaLuxeLash product is not a mascara that only seemingly volumizes and lengthens the eyelashes, but the growth of the eyelashes is accelerated.

Dermaluxelash serum for longer eyelashes is a Slovenian product that contains a combination of natural and exceptional ingredients that work on the growth and care of eyelashes. It is made from natural and proven ingredients and is suitable for everyone who wants lush eyelashes and eyes. Dermaluxelash serum is clinically tested, so it is also intended for sensitive eyes. Clinical research is confirmed by an independent Slovenian ophthalmologist, dr. Beltram, who confirmed that Dermaluxelash eyelash growth serum is 100% effective and safe.

Benefits of the product Dermaluxelash serum for longer eyelashes

  • All active ingredients are carefully selected, checked, proven effective and safe to use

  • The product is not tested on animals

  • For daily application

  • Original Slovenian product

  • Clinical research is confirmed by an independent Slovenian ophthalmologist, dr. Beltram

  • One package is sufficient for 60 days of regular use

  • Helps even the thinnest and rarest eyelashes

  • For revitalization and accelerated growth of eyelashes

  • Easy application

How the product Dermaluxelash serum for longer eyelashes works

Dermaluxelash serum for longer eyelashes in its original formulation contains a unique active ingredient that works intensively on the root of the eyelash follicle, which stimulates visible eyelash growth and prevents excessive shedding. Eyelashes grow visibly longer and are thicker and darker.

Dermaluxelash serum for longer eyelashes strengthens and stimulates the growth of even the thinnest, most inconspicuous and rare eyelashes, darkens and curls them already in 2 weeks from the start of regular application. Eyelashes reach their maximum length after a month of regular application.

Dermaluxelash serum for longer eyelashes has a proven effect on:

  • up to 50% longer and thicker eyelashes in 14 days,

  • up to 100% longer and thicker eyelashes after the treatment,

  • up to 100% darker eyelashes,

  • up to 73% more curled eyelashes.

Dermaluxelash serum already impresses more than 120,000 women in Europe:

  • It naturally stimulates long-term eyelash growth.

  • Strengthens and stimulates the growth of even the thinnest and most inconspicuous eyelashes.

  • It works directly on the eyelash follicle.

  • Prevents eyelashes from falling out.

  • Enables the natural look of curled eyelashes.

  • Visibly darkens eyelashes.

  • Improves their elasticity, which prevents breakage.

  • The product is vegan, completely safe and does not cause eye irritation.

Using the product Dermaluxelash serum for longer eyelashes

  • Shake the serum before use and apply it to dry and cleansed skin.

  • Dip the brush in the liquid and drain it at the mouth of the bottle.

  • Apply the serum to one lid, soak and drain again, and apply to the other lid, right at the base of the lashes (just like you would apply eyeliner).

  • The serum can also be applied to the lower eyelid.

  • Apply the serum only once a day, in the evening before going to bed, as eyelash growth is fastest at night.

  • For best results, apply the serum daily for at least two months.

  • Always apply a thin layer. Excessive use or application several times a day does not provide a better result.

Dermaluxelash eyelash growth serum is used once a day, preferably in the evening. More frequent use is not necessary, as the active formula of the serum provides all the necessary active ingredients for use only once a day.

Once you achieve the desired results, it is for maintenanceis the condition of the eyelashes, it is recommended to apply Dermaluxelash serum every second or third day. For intensive care and maximum length of eyelashes, 60 days of regular application is recommended.

INCI ingredients

Aqua, Glycerin, Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans, Panthenol, Vitis Vinifera Seed Extract/Propylene Glycol, Sodium Lactate, Sodium PCA, Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract, Proline, Yeast Extract, Phenoxyethanol/Ethylhexylglycerin, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Niacinamide, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide- 7, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Butylene Glycol, Carbomer, Polysorbate 20, Arbutin, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Hyaluronate, Retinyl Palmitate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Sorbitol, Isopropyl Cloprostenate, Alcohol, Triethanolamine

What can cause eyelashes to thin and fall out?

For such a small part of the body, eyelashes can have a pretty big impact on our self-confidence and appearance. Even beyond cosmetic reasons, identifying the cause of accelerated eyelash loss can reveal important information about our health.

Sometimes eyelashes indicate serious underlying problems, such as autoimmune, thyroid, inflammatory or even oncological conditions.

Bad beauty habits

Instead of cleaning wipes or other removers, you can help yourself in the fight against eyelash loss with a mild cleanser, without aggressively rubbing the skin around the eyes. If you wash your lashes regularly with a mild soap to keep the surfaces as clean as possible and maintain the health of the eyelash follicles, your lashes will actually grow thicker and longer and won't fall out as quickly.

The only cosmetics you need to pay attention to are hot eyelash curlers. Whether you have one that heats up or you heat yours with a hair dryer, never put anything hot on your eye as it can damage your eyelashes or the skin around your eyes.


If your eyelashes are itchy and both eyelids are red and swollen, chances are you have blepharitis. This is the most common cause of eyelash loss and mainly affects fair-skinned people of Western European descent. In blepharitis, clogged oil glands at the base of the eyelashes can cause chronic inflammation and dysfunction of the follicles, which stops eyelash growth.

The opthamologist will likely prescribe drops or ointments to speed up the healing process – which will also help rule out other, more serious causes of eyelash loss.

Thyroid conditions

The thyroid gland controls the body's hormones, but sometimes these levels can go astray. Hyperthyroidism (hormone overload) and hypothyroidism (hormone deficiency) list eyelash loss as a possible symptom, along with changes in weight, heart rate and blood pressure. You may also feel more nervous or anxious than usual.

Make an appointment with your healthcare provider, who can run some tests to rule out underlying conditions.


Eyelash loss can stem from alopecia or another autoimmune condition. While alopecia can present in a variety of ways, the condition inhibits the growth of hair on the body, head or face. Doctors believe that this disease causes the body to attack its own hair follicles, resulting in complete, partial or intermittent hair loss.

Although there is currently no cure for alopecia, your doctor can prescribe a treatment that can help it grow back faster.

Chronic inflammatory diseases

Like alopecia, chronic inflammatory diseases describe conditions in which the body attacks itself. Because these internal diseases don't always have many outward signs, it's important to pay attention to small but noticeable changes, such as hair loss and eyelash loss, that may indicate something bigger.

Eyelid skin cancer

If you are missing eyelashes on a certain part of your eyelid, but you have normal growth elsewhere, see your doctor immediately. Eyelid cancer can stop eyelash growth when these harmful cells spread. Because they are difficult to remove, the sooner you can act, the better. If you catch it earlier, you will also reduce the aesthetic effect of the operation.

How do we ensure regular eye and eyelash care?

Use an eyelash comb

Daily use of an eyelash comb will help remove dirt and debris from the eyelashes and keep the follicles unclogged.

Moisturize the eyelashes and the skin around the eyelashes

Just as you take care of your hair, you should also take care of your eyelashes. At night, apply a thin layer of vaseline or aquaphor over the eyelids. Over-the-counter eyelash conditioners can also help. They usually contain ingredients to strengthen and moisturize the eyelashes.

Invest in eyelash serum

Dermaluxelash serum is an excellent choice for eyelash care and care.

Take a break from makeup and false eyelashes

If you have a problem with your lashes, you may be tempted to apply a coat of mascara to enhance the look of your lashes. Nevertheless, try to reduce irritants so that your tthe tailbones remained healthy.

Unfortunately, applying too much mascara can actually cause thinner lashes. Taking a break from mascara and eye makeup actually strengthens your lashes due to the lack of product buildup and reduced irritation from applying and removing makeup every day.

Remove makeup and false eyelashes properly

Proper makeup removal is essential. Gently wipe your eyes instead of rubbing and scraping them. The use of mild cleaning products is recommended. Avoid cleaning wipes.

To remove false eyelashes, soften any adhesive with eye makeup remover. Pinch the outer edge of the false eyelash strip and gently pull it away from the lash line. Avoid using the same false eyelashes repeatedly.

Eat a nutritious diet

A few changes to your diet can dramatically improve the condition of your eyelashes, along with your skin and hair. Make sure you eat enough protein, leafy greens and healthy fats to support healthy hair growth.

You may also want to consider add-ons. Biotin and collagen have been proven to improve the condition of hair, and they will do the same for your eyelashes.

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Additional description

Kako poskrbimo za pravilo nego oči in trepalnic?

Uporabite glavnik za trepalnice

Vsakodnevna uporaba glavnika za trepalnice bo pomagala odstraniti umazanijo in ostanke s trepalnic ter ohraniti mešičke nezamašene.

Vlažite trepalnice in kožo okoli trepalnic

Tako kot negujete svoje lase, morate negovati tudi trepalnice. Ponoči čez veke nanesete tanko plast vazelina ali akvaforja. Pomagajo lahko tudi balzami za trepalnice brez recepta. Ponavadi vsebujejo sestavine za krepitev in vlaženje trepalnic.

Investirajte v serum za trepalnice

Dermaluxelash serum je odlična izbira za nego in oskrbo trepalnic.

Vzemite si odmor z ličili in umetnimi trepalnicami

Če imate težave s trepalnicami, vas bo morda zamikalo, da nanesete plast maskare, da izboljšate videz trepalnic. Kljub temu poskušajte zmanjšati dražilne snovi, da bodo vaše trepalnice ostale zdrave.

Na žalost lahko nanos preveč maskare dejansko povzroči tanjše trepalnice. Odmor od maskare in ličil za oči dejansko okrepi vaše trepalnice zaradi pomanjkanja nabiranja izdelka in zmanjšanega draženja, ki ga povzroča vsakodnevno nanašanje in odstranjevanje ličil.

Pravilno odstranite ličila in umetne trepalnice

Pravilno odstranjevanje ličil je nujno. Nežno si obrišite oči, namesto da bi jih drgnili in strgali. Priporočljiva je uporaba blagih čistilnih izdelkov. Izogibajte se čistilnim robčkom. 

Če želite odstraniti umetne trepalnice, zmehčajte morebitno lepilo z odstranjevalcem ličil za oči. Stisnite zunanji rob traku umetnih trepalnic in ga nežno potegnite stran od linije trepalnic. Izogibajte se večkratni uporabi istih umetnih trepalnic.

Jejte hranljivo prehrano

Nekaj sprememb v vaši prehrani lahko dramatično izboljša stanje vaših trepalnic, skupaj s kožo in lasmi. Prepričajte se, da jeste dovolj beljakovin, listnate zelenjave in zdravih maščob za podporo zdrave rasti las.

Morda boste želeli razmisliti tudi o dodatkih. Biotin in kolagen dokazano izboljšujeta stanje las, enako pa bosta storila tudi za vaše trepalnice.


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Ratings and Reviews

| 11/25/2022 6:47 AM
Serum za trepalnice
Artikel je odličen in dejansko deluje sama imam gostejše in daljše trepalnice 😍😍
| 7/5/2022 8:12 PM
DermaLuxeLash za podaljševanje trepalnic
Z izdelkom DemaLuxeLash sem bila ob koncu uporabe izredno zadovoljna. Ob začetku uporabe sem imela rahlo reakcijo v smislu rdečine okrog oči, ki je po parih nanosih izginila. Učinek seruma se je pokazal kmalu po pričetku uporabe. Po uporabi izdelka se je poznala razlika v dolžini in moči trepalnic. Veliko komentarjev sem slišala na račun mojih lepih in dolgih trepalnic. Serum sem priporočila tudi prijateljicam.
K nakupu izdelka so me pritegnili odzivi in mnenja uporabnic. Vesela sem, da sem se odločila za nakup. Poleg tega sem z akcijo 2+1 tudi nekaj privarčevala.
| 1/7/2021 9:14 AM
Res super
Serum Demaluxelash za podaljševanje trepalnic je super. Že po dveh tednih uporabe je bila razlika očitna, po dveh mesecih, pa lahko rečem, da so moje trepalnice temnejše, gostejše in precej daljše. Prav tako sem serum nanašala na sprednji in zadnji del obrvi, ker so mi tam obrvi slabše rasle, kjer je učinek seruma še bolj očiten. Ker so me obrvi motile, sem že prej preizkusila več izdelkov, ki naj bi pomagali pri rasti dlačic, vendar je Dermaluxelush res najboljšo od vseh, ki sem jih preizkusila. Priporočam!
| 12/8/2019 7:35 PM
Izdelek serum za podaljševanje trepalnic DermaluxeLash uporabljava obe s hčerko že leto in pol. Pravi rezultati so bili vidni po dveh mesecih, trepalnice so res bolj goste (ali pa vsaj tako delujejo, nisem štela ;) ), vsekakor pa so daljše in temnejše. Hči, ki je stara 19 let in je prej uporabljala maskaro v količinah zobne paste :), je zdaj večinoma brez maskare. Zdaj  je študentka in je, po njenih besedah,  "družbeno"  bolj sprejemljivo, kot je bilo to v gimnaziji, da si brez make up-a. In kar govori v prid serumu - ko si vzame čas in si nanese maskaro, je redno "obtožena", da ima umetne trepalnice in seveda sledi vprašanje, kje so ji tako dobro naredili. Tudi sama sem zelo zadovoljna z rezultati in je res videti lepo, saj sem blondinka s svetlimi očmi in trepalnice, ko so namazane z maskaro, pridejo res do izraza,. Res priporočam!
| 10/9/2016 2:00 AM

Artikel sem kupila, ker sem pri kolegici opazila vidno spremembo pri trepalnicah. Postale so bolj dolge in goste, zato sem se odločila, da bom preizkusila tudi sama, saj imam zelo kratke trepalnice. Z umetnimi trepalnicami je ok, vendar samo prvi teden, potem pa je katastrofa, ko začnejo počasi trepalnice odpadat. Škoda časa in denarja. DermaLuxeLash pa je enostavno za uporabo, vendar artikel uporabljam šele 10 dni in se mi zdi, da je že vidna majhna sprememba. Vsekakor bi priporočala vsem, ki niste zadovoljni s svojimi trepalnicami.
Lep pozdrav,
Nevenka Bavcon Makovec

| 9/18/2016 2:00 AM
Zelo hitra dostava. Hvala eLekarna.



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