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de Faire Medical AB

Manufacturer or responsible person: Rossmax Swiss GmbH Tramstrasse 16 CH-9442 Berneck Switzerland
Website: www.rossmax.com
Email address: emea@rossmax.com

About the Rossmax product line

de Faire Medical AB is the company that invented the first formula (AB001) in human history that has shown promising results in effectively breaking down alcohol before it reaches the liver.
AB001 is a mixture of protected highly effective bacteria enriched with L-cysteine. His published study, although conducted on a small scale, showed that AB001 was able to break down up to 70% of alcohol within 60 minutes of ingestion (and 50% after 30 minutes).
AB001 is natural and vegan. For effectiveness, two tablets should be taken before drinking alcohol. Further scientific studies are currently underway to strengthen these promising results and confirm them on a larger scale.
Myrkl, de Faire Medical AB's first product containing the AB001 formula, has recorded a 70% satisfaction rate to date (based on an independent Myrkl consumer survey by global research firm Catalyx) following its launch in the UK in July 2022. which is the top 50 – 1313 Myrkl consumers answered the survey).
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