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Toothpastes and gels

Oral hygiene is crucial for maintaining the health of the teeth, gums, oral cavity, and general well-being. Regular, careful cleaning of the teeth and oral cavity helps prevent the formation of caries, tartar, gingivitis, and other problems with the teeth and gums. In addition, proper oral hygiene contributes to fresh breath and general well-being.

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Toothpaste and gels are essential oral hygiene products with active ingredients designed to remove plaque, strengthen tooth enamel, prevent caries, and ensure fresh breath. Most toothpaste and gels contain fluoride, strengthening tooth enamel and preventing caries from developing. They may also contain abrasive ingredients such as silica dust to help remove surface stains and deposits. Toothpaste and gels are available in different flavors and formulations to suit different needs and preferences. There are whitening toothpastes that contain additional ingredients to remove stains and brighten teeth and sensitive toothpastes that contain ingredients that soothe sensitive teeth and gums. In addition, there are also natural toothpaste and gels that contain natural ingredients, such as plant extracts, without artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. These products are vital to oral hygiene and should be used at least twice daily, morning and night, for optimal teeth and oral cavity cleaning. Using toothpaste and gels with other oral hygiene aids helps maintain healthy teeth, gums, and fresh breath.

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3x elmex sensitive toothpaste, 75 mL

15.99 €

3x Elmex toothpaste to protect against caries...

15.99 €

Acidosalus 3in1 toothpaste, 75 mL

8.39 €

Ajona Stomaticum tooth and gum cream, 25 mL

2.54 €

Aloe fresh Fresh breath toothpaste, 100 mL (1...

8.99 €

Aloe veraWhitening toothpaste and gratis toot...

9.97 €

Aloedent whitening toothpaste, 100 mL

8.12 €

Aloedent sensitive toothpaste, 100 mL

5.37 €

AloeDent Sensitive toothpaste with aloe vera,...

5.37 €

AloeDent Triple action toothpaste with Q10 an...

9.97 €

AloeDent Whitening toothpaste with aloe vera,...

9.97 €

Aloedent aloe vera toothpaste with Q10 and te...

9.97 €

Australian toothpaste, 120 mL

8.22 €

Biodent herbal toothpaste with Herbal complex...

3.05 €

Bluem toothpaste, 75 mL

From 11.50 €

Comvita Natural Whitening toothpaste, 100 g

5.90 €

Corega Fresh Flavor Firming Cream for Denture...

7.41 €

Curaprox Black is White & White is Black toot...

From 29.05 €

Curaprox Enzycal ZERO toothpaste, 75 mL

7.29 €

Curasept 705 toothpaste, 75 mL

9.93 €

Curasept 712 toothpaste, 75 mL

8.83 €

Curasept ADS 1% periodontal gel, 30 mL

14.33 €

Curasept ADS 350 periodontal gel, 30 mL

10.72 €

Dabur Ayurvedic Carnation Toothpaste, 100 mL

5.59 €

Dabur ayurvedic toothpaste neem, 100 mL

5.23 €

Dabur Herbal ayurvedic toothpaste holy basil,...

5.55 €

Dabur Red herbal ayurvedic toothpaste, 100 g

4.29 €

Dentaid Halita Fluoride fluoride toothpaste, ...

6.37 €

Dentaid Vitis Gingival toothpaste for sensiti...

4.26 €

Dentaid Vitis Junior tooth gel, 75 mL

4.65 €

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