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Regular toothbrush use is crucial for maintaining the health of the teeth and oral cavity and preventing various problems, such as caries, gingivitis, and bad breath. After meals, the toothbrush should be used at least twice daily, in the morning and the evening, to clean the teeth and remove plaque thoroughly.

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Classic manual toothbrushes are the most common and affordable and can vary in head shape, length, and bristle hardness. Electric toothbrushes work by vibrating or rotating the head and are famous for their effectiveness in removing plaque. Other types of toothbrushes include children's toothbrushes, which are specially designed for small lips and teeth, and toothbrushes for special needs, such as brushes for sensitive teeth, orthodontic brushes for people with fixed orthodontic appliances, and interdental cleaning brushes interdental spaces. In addition to using your toothbrush regularly, it is also essential to change it regularly, at least every three months or sooner, if the bristles are worn or damaged. Changing the brush ensures effective teeth cleaning and prevents the spread of bacteria and transmission of infections. In addition, it is also essential to clean the toothbrush regularly after each use to remove food and bacteria residues and to prevent unpleasant odors and infections. With regular use and proper care, toothbrushes can help maintain healthy white teeth and oral cavities.

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Curaprox CS 4260 Baby (CuraKid) baby toothbru...

6.14 €

Curaprox Enzycal 1450 ppm toothpaste, 75 mL

6.92 €

Curaprox interdental brushes CPS-06, 5 attach...

8.36 €

Curaprox Prime Plus Handy kit 06-011 + UHS 40...

7.52 €

Curaprox Surgical mega soft toothbrush, 1 bru...

7.79 €

Curaprox UHS 409 interdental brush holder, 3 ...

4.81 €

Curaprox toothbrush 1560

6.14 €

Curaprox toothbrush 3960

6.14 €

Dentaid Access Medium brush with small and me...

4.79 €

Dentaid Access Soft brush with small and soft...

3.79 €

Dentaid Interprox Plus 2G Conic interdental b...

5.71 €

Dentaid Interprox Plus 2G maxi interdental br...

5.71 €

Dentaid Interprox Plus 2G Micro interdental b...

5.71 €

Dentaid Interprox Plus 2G Mini Conic interden...

5.71 €

Dentaid Interprox Plus 2G Mini interdental br...

5.71 €

Dentaid Interprox Plus 2G Mix interdental bru...

6.00 €

Dentaid Interprox Plus 2G Nano interdental br...

5.60 €

Dentaid Interprox Plus 2G Supermicro interden...

5.87 €

Dentaid Interprox Plus 2G X-Maxi interdental ...

5.90 €

Dentaid Interprox Plus 2G XX-Maxi interdental...

5.90 €

Dentaid Vitis Gingival Gentle Cleansing Brush...

4.04 €

Dentaid Vitis Hard standard hard head brush, ...

4.08 €

Dentaid Vitis Implant Angular UE toothbrush, ...

5.25 €

Dentaid Vitis Implant Brush toothbrush for ge...

4.80 €

Dentaid Vitis Junior standard brush for child...

4.08 €

Dentaid Vitis Medium standard brush with medi...

4.79 €

Dentaid Vitis Monotype bristle brush for inte...

3.79 €

Dentaid Vitis Orthodontic Access small toothb...

4.54 €

Dentaid Vitis Orthodontic set without wax

11.56 €

Dentaid Vitis Orthodontic set with wax

10.78 €

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