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Interdental brushes

Interdental brushes are small brushes designed to clean the spaces between teeth. They are thin and have a shape that allows easy access to hard-to-reach areas. They are used in addition to regular tooth cleaning with a toothbrush and dental floss.

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The primary purpose of interdental brushes is to remove plaque and food residues that accumulate between the teeth and next to the teeth, which can be a source of caries and gum disease. Using interdental brushes can prevent tooth decay, gingivitis, and other dental problems. In addition, interdental brushes can help eliminate bad breath by removing bacteria that can cause bad breath. The use of interdental brushes is recommended for everyone, especially those with plaque build-up problems or who are more prone to gum disease. Choosing the correct size interdental brush that fits the space between the teeth is essential. A brush that is too big or too small will not clean the space effectively. Regular use of interdental brushes can improve the overall health of the oral cavity and contribute to the long-term maintenance of healthy teeth and gums.

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Curaprox aluminum holder 410

7.36 €

Curaprox CPS 011 prime, 5x + holder UHS 409

8.36 €

Curaprox CPS-459 toothbrush set, 1 set

10.28 €

Curaprox CPS28 Strong & Implant interdental b...

7.52 €

Curaprox interdental brushes CPS-07, 5 attach...

7.52 €

Curaprox interdental brushes CPS-08, 5 attach...

8.36 €

Curaprox interdental brushes CPS-09, 5 attach...

7.30 €

Curaprox Ortho kit orthodontic kit

30.27 €

Curaprox tongue scraper CTC 203

6.82 €

Curaprox toothbrush 5460

5.83 €

Jordan Brush Between interdental brushes, 10 ...

From 5.54 €

Jordan denture brush - brush for 3rd teeth

3.89 €

Brush CS1009

6.33 €

Kukident active plus, 33 tablets

4.78 €

Interdental brush Curaprox Soft Implant Refil...

8.38 €

TePe interdental brush Original, 8 brushes

From 6.99 €

TePe interdental brushes Extra soft - mixed s...

6.99 €

TePe interdental brushes Extra soft, 8 brushe...

From 6.99 €

TePe Interdental Brushes Original - all sizes...

6.99 €

TePe Proximal extensions, 8 pcs.

From 6.81 €

Miradent I-Prox L interdental brush, 6 brushe...

From 4.86 €

Curaprox CPS Perio interdental brush, 5 brush...

From 8.60 €

Curaprox Prime Start interdental care set, 7 ...

From 8.36 €

Curasept Proxi Prevention Angle interdental b...

From 7.95 €

Curasept Proxi Prevention interdental brushes...

From 6.95 €

Curasept Proxi Prevention Mix Angle interdent...

7.95 €

Curasept Proxi Prevention Mix medzobne ščetke...

6.95 €

Dentaid Interprox 4G interdental brushes, 6 b...

From 7.26 €

Elmex Junior toothbrush 6-12 years, 1 brush

4.88 €

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