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Dental flosses

Dental floss is essential, as it enables thorough cleaning between the teeth where toothbrushes cannot reach. Not cleaning the spaces between the teeth can lead to the accumulation of bacteria, which can cause tooth decay, gum inflammation, and bad breath.

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We know several types of dental floss. Non-waxed floss is a thin nylon or plastic string used to clean the spaces between the teeth. Non-waxed floss is suitable for people who have more expansive interdental spaces. Waxed floss has added wax, which makes it easier for the floss to pass between tighter interdental spaces and prevents the floss from tearing or falling apart. Fluoridated floss contains fluoride, which helps prevent tooth decay and strengthens tooth enamel. Superfloss is a particular type of dental floss that has a more challenging part in the middle that allows for easier insertion between teeth with metal orthodontic appliances or areas with dental implants. In addition to floss, various devices are available, such as interdental brushes and water jets, which enable effective cleaning of interdental spaces. Flossing is crucial for maintaining oral health and preventing various dental problems. Regular cleaning of the spaces between the teeth can help reduce the risk of gum disease and caries and maintain healthy and strong teeth.

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Curaprox CS 4260 Baby (CuraKid) baby toothbru...

6.14 €

Curaprox DF 820 dental floss, 35 m

8.01 €

Curaprox Ortho kit orthodontic kit

30.27 €

Curaprox Prime Plus Handy kit 06-011 + UHS 40...

7.52 €

Dentaid Vitis Soft pink wax strip with fluori...

4.27 €

Dentaid Vitis waxy yellow dental floss, 50 m

4.49 €

Dentaid Vitis green wax strip with fluoride a...

4.27 €

Jordan Clinic Easy Slide dental floss, 1 flos...

4.28 €

Jordan Clinic Expand dental floss, 25 m

4.28 €

Jordan Easy Clean Flosser thread on holder, 1...

4.32 €

Jordan Floss Expand dental floss, 25 m

4.28 €

Mirafloss CHX 1.5 mm Implant dental floss wit...

From 10.25 €

Mirafloss CHX tape Teflon thread with added C...

6.78 €

Oral-B Essential Floss dental floss (plain or...

From 3.81 €

ProxySoft 3 in 1 multi-purpose dental floss, ...

9.85 €

Proxysoft Bridge & Implant dental floss, 30 f...

12.50 €

Proxysoft Periodontal dental floss, 50 dental...

14.27 €

Sensodyne Expanding Gentle Floss dental floss...

4.35 €

Edel + White Expanding dental floss, 25 m

5.50 €

Curasept Expanding microfibre dental floss, 3...

5.85 €

Curasept PTFE dental floss - plain or flat, 3...

From 6.85 €

Curasept Ultra Fine dental floss waxed, 50 m

5.25 €

Curasept Classic floss waxed, 50 m

From 5.85 €

Curasept Professional dental floss, 50 pieces

7.85 €

Jordan Whitening floss with activated carbon ...

4.28 €

Curaprox DF 846 Implant-Saver dental floss, 3...

18.60 €

Curaprox DF 834 floss, 50 m floss

6.34 €

Jordan Easy Reach Flossers, 25 dental floss

3.99 €

Jordan Everyday dental floss, 50 meters

3.74 €

Jordan Flosser Refill dental floss bows, 20 b...

4.33 €

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