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Bad breath

Fresh and healthy breath is essential to oral hygiene and can contribute to well-being and self-confidence. Several factors contribute to fresh and healthy breath. Regular oral hygiene, such as brushing your teeth at least twice a day, flossing between your teeth, and using mouthwash to rinse your mouth, can help remove bacteria and food debris that can cause bad breath.

Details about the category: Breath

This category includes toothpaste that contains ingredients such as fluoride to strengthen tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay and antibacterial ingredients that can help reduce bacteria in the oral cavity. Mouthwashes are another critical product as they may contain antiseptic ingredients such as chlorhexidine to help reduce bacteria and improve breath freshness. In addition, oral sprays and tablets are also available, providing additional breath freshness during meals or when other oral hygiene products cannot be used. In addition to using these products, it is also essential to consider a healthy lifestyle, which can affect the freshness of your breath. Drinking water regularly can help hydrate the oral mucosa and wash away the bacteria that cause bad breath. It is also essential to limit the consumption of foods that can cause bad breath, such as onions, garlic, and alcohol, and to avoid smoking, which can cause bad breath and damage the teeth. We can achieve fresh and healthy breath and increase self-confidence and well-being with proper care and oral hygiene products.

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Acidosalus herbal mouthwash, 200 mL

6.85 €

Air-lift mouth spray, 15 mL

7.81 €

Air-lift, 40 capsules

10.21 €

Biodent spray, 15 mL

4.49 €

Dentaid Halita Fresh Breath Spray, 15 mL

7.27 €

Dentaid Perio·Aid Intensive care 0.12% spray,...

8.26 €

Farmaderbe Phytoral Sensitive toothpaste for ...

7.00 €

Farmaderbe Phytoral mouthwash, 200 mL

10.52 €

Listerine Total Care mouthwash, 95, 250 or 50...

From 2.20 €

Megasonex Nano-hydroxyapatite toothpaste, 100...

16.91 €

Miradent fresh breath mouth spray, 15 mL

6.32 €

TePe Tongue Scraper

6.99 €

Xylitol lozenges without sugar, 60 g

From 6.03 €

Propolis Oral alcohol-based spray, 30 mL

6.99 €

Romed oral care sticks - lemon flavor, 75 sti...

9.30 €

Cwash - innovative oral hygiene, 1 set

89.90 €

Listerine Advanced Tartar Control Mouthwash, ...

From 5.61 €

Listerine Smart Rinse mouthwash for children ...

4.68 €

Listerine Advanced White Mild mouthwash, 250 ...

From 5.61 €

Listerine Green Tea mouthwash, 500 mL

8.69 €

Listerine Naturals Enamel Protect Mouthwash, ...

8.69 €

Listerine Naturals Gum Protect Mouthwash, 500...

8.69 €

BioXtra oral gel saliva substitute for dry mo...

9.60 €

Tonimer lab Dry oral gel for dry mouth, 50 mL

9.55 €

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