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Adhesives and denture cleaning

This product category includes special adhesives that attach the prosthesis to the gums, providing firm support and comfort when chewing and speaking. In addition, cleaning products such as tablets or liquids are available to remove plaque, bacteria, and unpleasant odors from dentures. These products are usually designed to not damage the prosthesis's materials while ensuring freshness and hygiene.

Details about the category: Glues and denture cleaning

Denture adhesives are formulated to ensure the strength and stability of the denture in the mouth while being easy to use and leaving no residue. Some products are also intended for specific needs, such as temporary bonding or additional comfort while wearing a prosthesis. Denture cleaning products often contain active ingredients such as acids or enzymes that help break down plaque and remove bacteria without damaging the denture material. Regular prosthesis cleaning is crucial for maintaining oral hygiene and preventing problems such as gingivitis or bad breath. Comprehensive care for prostheses includes regular cleaning and the correct use of adhesives, enabling comfortable and functional use of prostheses and long-term maintenance of their quality.

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Blend-a-dent strong denture adhesive with a l...

5.93 €

Blend-a-dent strong denture adhesive with fre...

5.93 €

Blend-a-dent Neutral denture adhesive, 47 g

6.39 €

Corega Bio formula cleansing tablets, 108 tab...

12.21 €

Corega cleansing tablets Bio formula, 30 tabl...

8.32 €

Corega Extra Strong Fix XL denture adhesive, ...

11.56 €

Corega Extra Strong denture adhesive - mint, ...

7.41 €

Corega Extra Strong Meta denture adhesive, 40...

7.41 €

Corega Neutral Firming Cream, 70 mL

11.58 €

Corega Parts double-layer cleaning tablets, 6...

10.63 €

Corega Tabs Bio Denture Cleaning Formula, 136...

12.43 €

Fittydent cleaning tablets

4.75 €

Fittydent adhesive inserts for dentures

7.91 €

Kukident Aktiv Plus cleaning tablets, 132 tab...

17.49 €

Kukident Aktiv Plus cleansing tablets, 66 tab...

7.01 €

Kukident Professional Extra Stark strong dent...

6.70 €

L'Angelica Rapident denture cleaning tablets,...

7.23 €

L'Angelica Rapident denture fixation cream, 4...

7.91 €

Megasonex ultrasonic tongue scraper, 1 scrape...

12.59 €

Protefix denture adhesive, 40 mL

6.41 €

Blend-a-dent Plus double strength fixing crea...

5.58 €

Protefix Aloe Vera strong firming cream, 47 g

6.36 €

Curaprox BDC 110 cleaning box, 1 box

10.93 €

Curaprox BDC 150 cleaning brush, 1 brush

10.08 €

Curaprox BDC 190 cleaning set, 1 set

44.81 €

Jordan Clean Between, 1 toothbrush

From 4.00 €

Jordan Expert Clean with case, 1 toothbrush

From 4.00 €

Jordan Individual Reach, 1 toothbrush

From 3.66 €

Jordan Target Sensitive, 1 toothbrush

2.51 €

Jordan Target Teeth & Gums, 1 or 2 toothbrush...

From 1.88 €

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