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Intimate care

Intimate care is extremely important for maintaining the health and comfort of the genital area in both men and women. Proper intimate hygiene is crucial, as improper care can cause various problems, including skin irritation, infections, and unpleasant odors. Proper intimate care contributes to a general feeling of cleanliness, self-confidence, and comfort.

Further description of the category: Intimate care

Many products for intimate care are available, such as intimate soaps, cleansing gels, moisturizing gels, intimate deodorants, and moisturizing wipes. Intimate soaps and cleansing gels are formulated to gently cleanse the area without irritating or disturbing the natural pH balance. Moisturizing gels benefit menopausal women or those with sensitive skin as they help maintain hydration and comfort. Intimate deodorants are another category of products that people use to maintain freshness and prevent unpleasant odors in the intimate area. These products are usually gentle and perfume-free, formulated not to disturb the natural bacterial flora. Regular washing of the genital area with mild soap and water is critical to preventing the accumulation of bacteria and unpleasant odors. Proper intimate care includes using gentle products that do not disturb the natural pH balance and bacterial flora and ensure the cleanliness and comfort of the genital area. Therefore, it is essential that people maintain awareness of the importance of intimate care and regularly take care of their intimate health.

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Abena Skincare Intimate Hygiene Soap, 500 mL

4.86 €

Acidosalus intimate care gel, 200 g

8.50 €

Acidosalus suppositories for hemorrhoids, 10 ...

16.46 €

Acidosalus vaginalete, 7 vaginalet

12.42 €

Active stimulator for men, 1 stimulator

From 206.99 €

Alkagin powder for daily intimate hygiene, 10...

7.13 €

Aloedermal DonnaLife intimate soap with chamo...

9.99 €

Aloedermal DonnaLife intimate soap with menth...

9.99 €

BIOglide water-based ginseng-flavored "p...

11.90 €

Caya diaphragm insertion gel, 60 g

11.27 €

CHILLY intimate soap, 300 mL

5.25 €

Cicatridine vaginal ovule, 10 ovule

12.00 €

Dianatal delivery gel, 6x5 mL

From 75.56 €

Drion daily inserts 240 mm, 10 inserts

3.59 €

Drion night pads 280 mm, 8 pads

3.86 €

Drion laundry protectors 155 mm, 30 inserts

4.45 €

Ellen Mini tampons for weak menstruation, 14 ...

8.80 €

Ellen Natura Femina intimate foam, 150 mL

9.38 €

Ellen Normal tampons for normal menstruation,...

8.50 €

Ellen Super tampons for heavy menstruation

9.37 €

Femfresh intimate handkerchiefs, 10 handkerch...

3.38 €

FertilUp capsules for men, 60 capsules

30.46 €

FertilUp capsules for women, 60 capsules

29.18 €

Fitormil vaginal globules, 10 globules

14.48 €

Fitormil moisturizing cleaning solution, 200 ...

10.22 €

Neutro Flora intimate soap, 250 mL

12.57 €

Gamarde gentle intimate gel, 200 g

12.00 €

Genestin intimate hygiene emulsion, 250 mL

11.25 €

Genestin intimate cream, 30 mL

12.74 €

Glizigen intimate gel, 250 mL

16.13 €

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