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Heads and brushes have different shapes, materials, and functions. Among the most common types of combs are wide combs, which are used to detangle wet hair and curls without breakage, and fine-toothed combs, which are suitable for detangling dry hair and curls. Hair combs of wood or natural materials are also famous for their softness and antistatic properties.

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Among the most popular hair brushes are brushed with natural bristles, such as natural hog or horse hair bristles. They are famous for their softness and ability to distribute natural oils throughout the hair. Brushes with plastic bristles are standard and used to detangle, shape, and add volume to the hair. In addition, there are also specialized brushes for specific purposes, such as brushes for detangling wet hair, curling brushes, pet hair brushes, and detangling brushes. Scalp massage brushes are also popular as they stimulate blood circulation, remove dead skin cells, and help release tension. Choosing the right comb or brush depends on the hair type, desired style, and personal preferences. Choosing a device that will be gentle on the hair and scalp and help achieve the desired look and texture of the hair is essential.

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Bolhostop (Flea Zapper) electronic flea comb ...

38.10 €

Ear comb Parasidose

4.98 €

Kellerman mirror with comb

7.84 €

Mister Geppetto wooden comb with handle - gue...

2.93 €

Mister Geppetto wooden comb with handle - rar...

3.39 €

Mister Geppetto wooden combined comb, 1 comb

3.39 €

Mister Geppetto wooden massage comb, 1 comb

6.24 €

Mister Geppetto wooden basic comb, 1 comb

2.93 €

Nuk baby comb and brush

7.93 €

Nuvita blue brush and care comb

9.99 €

Nuvita pink brush and care comb

9.99 €

Tommee Tippee comb and brush

5.99 €

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