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Hair and scalp care

Hair and scalp care is critical to maintaining healthy, strong, and beautiful hair and the overall well-being of an individual. The scalp is the foundation of healthy hair, as a healthy scalp is crucial for the growth of new hair follicles, regulation of sebum production, and prevention of problems such as dandruff, itching, and irritation. Our "Hair and Scalp Care" category includes various products for different needs and problems.

More detailed description of the Hair and Scalp Care category

Different individuals have different scalp and hair care needs depending on their hair type, condition, lifestyle, and other factors. For example, people with oily hair and scalp need products that thoroughly cleanse and regulate sebum production. In contrast, people with dry hair and scalp need products that provide intensive hydration and care. Those who suffer from dandruff need unique products to help reduce flaking and prevent further dandruff problems. In addition, various problems such as hair loss, thinning hair, split ends, and damaged hair may require specific care and products to help restore hair health and beauty. Beautiful hair and a healthy scalp are not only a cosmetic element but can significantly affect the overall well-being of an individual, both physically and emotionally. Therefore, it is essential to take care of hair and scalp care and strive for their health and beauty.

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2x Ovopid + lice removal kit + FREE folding u...

99.50 €

Abena hair wash shampoo, 500 mL

4.76 €

Abena hair wash shampoo, 5000 mL

24.57 €

Acidosalus iris shampoo, 200 mL

6.20 €

Acidosalus orange shampoo, 200 mL

6.20 €

Acidosalus dew shampoo, 200 mL

6.20 €

Acidosalus Dew Shampoo, 200 mL (50% discount)

3.10 €

Acidosalus rosemary shampoo, 200 mL

6.20 €

A-Derma Exomega 2in1 emollient cleansing gel ...

From 13.81 €

Allergenics Soothing Hair Shampoo with Phytos...

24.66 €

AloePura Aloe vera shampoo for normal hair, 2...

13.92 €

AloePura Aloe vera dry hair shampoo, 200 mL

13.90 €

Aqua Shampoo pre-moistened glove for washing ...

4.58 €

Argan balm with argan oil, 200 mL

20.21 €

Australian Gold After All Ultra Lavish Whippe...

36.36 €

Australian Gold hemp nation daily moisturizin...

34.90 €

Australian anti-dandruff shampoo, 250 mL

12.83 €

Australian shampoo, 250 mL

12.83 €

Johnson Baby Shampoo, 500 mL

8.10 €

Bebival baby care ointment, 150 mL + Bebival ...

11.54 €

BebiVal Baby Hair and Body Shampoo, 190 mL

6.82 €

Becutan baby shampoo, 200 mL

7.60 €

Bema Bio Baby Gentle Bath Shampoo, 250 mL

16.14 €

Bema bio anti-hair loss shampoo, 200 mL

21.39 €

Bema bio shampoo against oily hair, 200 mL

18.46 €

Bema was an anti-dandruff shampoo, 200 mL

22.99 €

Bema bio shampoo for frequent hair washing, 2...

19.11 €

Bema BioEcoNatura Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, 250 ...

22.07 €

Bema BioEcoNatura Color Shampoo, 250 mL

18.24 €

Bema BioEcoNatura shampoo for brittle and fra...

17.62 €

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