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Fungi (legs, body)

Regular hygiene, dry feet, and the use of appropriate products are vital to preventing and managing fungal infections on the feet and body. Products in this category contain active ingredients such as clotrimazole, miconazole, terbinafine, and ketoconazole, which work against fungi and relieve symptoms.

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Fungus on the legs and body is a common problem caused by different types of fungi, such as Candida or dermatophytes. These fungi can cause itching, peeling skin, redness, and discomfort. Using appropriate cosmetic and hygiene products to fight fungi and prevent re-infection is essential. Among the most popular products are antifungal creams, lotions, ointments, soaps, and shampoos. Zinc pyrithione helps treat a variety of skin conditions, including fungus. Tea tree oil helps relieve itching and control fungus. Urea is a moisturizing ingredient that helps soften and hydrate the skin and reduce flaking, often associated with fungal infections. Salicylic acid helps remove dead skin cells and opens pores, which facilitates the penetration of active ingredients into the skin. Aloe vera soothes the skin and helps relieve discomfort associated with fungal infections.

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Acidosalus 3in1 toothpaste, 75 mL

8.39 €

Acidosalus Plus Microorganisms, 1000 mL

14.98 €

Acidosalus vaginalete, 7 vaginalet

12.42 €

Aquileine superactive antiperspirant cream, 5...

10.12 €

Akileine foot powder spray, 150 mL

14.89 €

Allpresan 7 cream foam for fungal skin, 125 m...

17.00 €

Allpresan 7 shoe freshener, 100 mL

16.20 €

Allpresan 7 tincture for fungus-infected nail...

15.19 €

Bema foot lotion with antifungal action, 10 m...

12.69 €

Dr. Hauschka neem nail oil, 18 mL

16.95 €

Dr.Juice Co. colloidal silver gel, 50 mL

15.70 €

Dr.Juice Co. colloidal silver

From 21.84 €

Dr.Juice Co. colloidal silver in nasal spray,...

15.70 €

Dr.Juice Co. colloidal gold 200 mL

16.38 €

Esi Tea Tree Remedy Tea Tree Essential Oil, 1...

9.48 €

Esi Tea Tree Remedy Tea Tree Essential Oil, 2...

15.99 €

Etheris essential oil was tea tree, 10 mL

7.45 €

Excilor pen for the treatment of fungal infec...

24.49 €

Faun tea tree part foot gel, 50 mL

7.66 €

Gehwol deodorant for shoes and feet, 150 mL

10.77 €

Gehwol pencil nail protection, 3 mL

11.45 €

Potassium permanganate, 20 g

9.33 €

Nailner 2in1 anti-fungal nail polish, 5 mL

24.17 €

Nailner pen against fungal nail infections

23.69 €

Nanoseptic antibacterial base for placemat, 1...

15.54 €

Nature's Response Cleansing Gel, 200 mL

8.11 €

Nature's Response Hand and Nail Lotion, 300 m...

13.27 €

Nature's Response Body Butter, 210 mL

8.72 €

Nature's Response tea tree oil with aloe vera...

8.73 €

Nature's Response tea tree balm, 150 mL

9.36 €

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