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Foot care

Our feet are exposed to various loads and stress daily, so giving them proper attention and care is essential. One of the main benefits of regular foot care is preventing various problems that can arise from inadequate foot care. One of the most common problems is hard, dry skin (calluses) and heel cracks. Regular moisturizing and care of the skin on the feet can prevent the formation of cracks, which can be painful and uncomfortable.

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Foot care also helps prevent fungal infections, such as toenail fungus or athlete's foot. It is also essential for improving blood circulation and reducing swelling. Massaging the feet can stimulate blood flow and reduce fluid retention, which can help reduce swelling and heaviness in the legs. Proper care can also contribute to the prevention of pain and discomfort associated with various diseases such as plantar fasciitis, sciatica, or various forms of arthritis. Leg and foot care products include various cleansers, moisturizers, scrubs, skin care creams, plasters, insoles, and massage aids. Foot cleansers are usually formulated with mild cleansing ingredients that cleanse the skin and remove dirt and excess oil. Foot moisturizers are intended to moisturize dry skin and prevent the formation of cracks. Some moisturizers contain ingredients that help soften hard skin and remove dead skin cells. Skin care creams are usually richer than moisturizers and are intended to hydrate and replenish dry skin deeply. Foot patches can help treat calluses, corns, and other minor skin lesions on the feet. Shoe inserts are designed to provide additional support to the feet and reduce the load on the feet and joints while walking.

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2x Gehwol Fusskraft blue cream, 2x125 mL

20.28 €

2x Gehwol Fusskraft green cream, 2x75 mL

15.38 €

2x Gehwol foot bath, 2 x 400 g

15.00 €

Acidosalus 3in1 toothpaste, 75 mL

8.39 €

Acidosalus Plus Microorganisms, 1000 mL

14.98 €

Acidosalus vaginalete, 7 vaginalet

12.42 €

A-derma dermatological soap, 100 g

8.26 €

Akildia cream for diabetics, 75 mL

12.45 €

Akildia oil foot bath for diabetics, 150 mL

12.47 €

Aquileine blue line sponge for removing hard ...

5.95 €

Aquileine, gel for tired legs, 50 mL

9.01 €

Aquileine red line ice foot gel, 50 mL

9.74 €

Akileine red line salt foot bath, 2x150 g

11.91 €

Aquileine red line refreshing foot spray, 150...

14.50 €

Aquileine superactive antiperspirant cream, 5...

10.12 €

Aquileine antiperspirant for feet, 100 mL

14.49 €

Aquileine Antiperspirant Foot Cream, 50 mL

10.12 €

Aquileine antiperspirant foot gel, 75 mL

10.26 €

Aquileine atraumatic saw

12.99 €

Aquileine Cicaleine anti-cracking cream, 50 m...

14.27 €

Akileine cryro-relaxing for light feet, 75 mL

15.56 €

Aquileine Hydra Defense Cream, 125 mL

14.27 €

Aquileine hydra defense bath oil, 150 mL

11.99 €

Akileine Kimas Massage Muscle Oil, 200 mL

18.71 €

Aquileine Regenerating Foot Cream, 75 mL

9.74 €

Akileine phytogel gel for heavy feet, 150 mL

14.07 €

Aquileine phytogel, 150 mL

11.08 €

Aquileine peeling cream to remove hard skin, ...

8.77 €

Akileine foot powder spray, 150 mL

14.89 €

Aquileine red line superactive cream for tire...

8.61 €

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