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Depilation and accessories

Depilation aids include tools, products, and devices that facilitate and ensure better results. Depilatory devices achieve smooth, soft, and hairless skin on different body parts. Some people choose to wax for aesthetic reasons, as they want smooth skin without unwanted hair that can affect their appearance and self-esteem. Others opt for waxing for hygiene, as hair removal can reduce sweating, unpleasant odors, and the risk of infection.

Detailed description of the category Hair removal and accessories

Several different depilatory devices allow the removal of unwanted hair from the body. Among the most common are razors, waxes, hair removal creams, epilators, depilatory strips, and depilatory trimmers. Razors are a simple and affordable depilatory tool to shave hair from the skin's surface. Waxes are applied to the skin and then removed along with the hair, ensuring a more extended period of smooth skin. Hair removal creams contain chemicals that break down the proteins in the hair, making it easy to remove the hair from the skin. Epilators are electrical devices that remove hair from the root with the help of small tweezers. Depilatory strips are coated with wax or glue and then used to remove hair from the skin. Depilatory trimmers are devices that shape and shorten hair on different body parts. Regardless of the reason that leads them to depilation, people are often looking for tools and methods that are effective, comfortable, and easy to use and provide smooth and hairless skin without unpleasant side effects. Therefore, choosing a suitable device for depilation often depends on personal preferences, skin type, the desired duration of the results, and the skin's sensitivity to specific hair removal methods.

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1st package of products for roll-on depilatio...

182.44 €

2nd package of roll-on depilation products (D...

340.60 €

3. depilation product package for men (Depile...

217.81 €

4. package of products for intimate depilatio...

148.85 €

Aphrodite Sensitive Depilatory Cream, 100 mL

6.33 €

Cleopatra Pro Soft Epil sugar paste for depil...

From 6.53 €

Cleopatra Strong Epil sugar paste for Egyptia...

From 6.53 €

Depileve Dermo Balance Lotion, 220 mL

9.20 €

Depileve Extra Intima film wax in a metal pot...

12.74 €

Depileve Extra Intima film wax in a metal pot...

23.61 €

Depileve Extra Shea wax in granules, 500 g

16.50 €

Depileve Folisan anti-ingrown hair lotion, 15...

18.00 €

Depileve gel before depilation, 250 mL

15.95 €

Depileve concentrate for inhibiting hair grow...

50.78 €

Depileve lotion before depilation with grapef...

14.06 €

Depile milk after depilation, 200 mL

39.14 €

Depile milk after depilation, 500 mL

33.65 €

Depile oil after depilation, 220 mL

18.71 €

Depile oil after depilation, 350 mL

20.38 €

Depileve planting foam for after depilation, ...

18.13 €

Depileve Starpil wax heater in crucible, plat...

107.41 €

Depileve Starpil wax heater in crucible, plat...

73.80 €

Depileve Tahiti extra film wax in a metal pot...

23.11 €

Depileve toned soothing cream with chamomile ...

16.76 €

Depileve traditional warm wax for depilation ...

25.91 €

Depileve traditional warm wax in tiles, 500 g

25.91 €

Depileve Velona aloe vera 99% gel, 500 mL

29.61 €

Depilflax Argan Aromatic Oil for After Depila...

12.54 €

Depilflax Caribbean Aromatic Oil for After De...

12.54 €

Epilette lady facial hair removal pad, 5 pads

8.11 €

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