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Perfumes and perfume waters

Fragrances express personality, improve mood, and create a unique impression. Due to the high concentration, the perfumes are intense and last several hours, often even a whole day. Eau de Parfum, also known as "Eau de Parfum," has a lower concentration of fragrance oils.

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Scents can evoke emotions, memories, and associations, making their use a personal and intimate experience. People use perfumes and Eau de parfums to express their identity, stand out from the crowd, or feel fresher and more attractive. Various notes in perfumes and Eau de parfums, such as floral, woody, citrus, and oriental, allow everyone to find a fragrance that matches their preferences and personality. This wide range of fragrance profiles ensures that perfumes and eau de parfums can be adapted to different occasions and seasons, increasing their versatility and popularity.

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Simply Rose eau de parfum with rose, 50 mL

10.20 €

Elixirs & Co Felicite Eau de Toilette, 30 mL

28.55 €

Elixirs Audace eau de toilette, 30 mL

28.55 €

Caudalie Eau des Vignes fresh fragrance, 50 m...

27.90 €

Caudalie Soleil des Vignes fresh fragrance, 5...

28.87 €

Caudalie The des Vignes fresh fragrance, 50 o...

From 28.85 €

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