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Dr. Temt brush for applying the mask, 1 brush

12.78 €

Dr. Temt Hawaii exfoliating cream, 250 mL

40.60 €

Dr. Temt Instant peeling with wax crystals

From 29.90 €

Dr. Temt Micronized micronized peeling

From 30.95 €

Dr. Temt Nova Purity Enzyme Peel

From 42.34 €

dr. Temt Purity Clear face scrub with salicyl...

37.39 €

dr. Temt Hawaii face scrub, 1000 mL

111.00 €

dr. Temt Instant face peeling, 1000 mL

123.66 €

dr. Temt Micronized face scrub, 1000 mL

115.10 €

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