Lukanc Maja, Master of Pharmacy

Maja Lukanc

Maja Lukanc pharmacist

Education: master of pharmacy, pharmacist

Primary education: Primary school Dolenjske Toplice
Secondary education: Gymnasium Novo mesto
Higher education: Faculty of Pharmacy


Employed by the company: Moja lekarna d.o.o., Grajski trg 41, 8360 Žužemberk

Type of consultant: SUPER CONSULTANT (COMPETENT CONSULTANT in the field of general nutritional supplements, medicines, medical devices, cosmetics, medical conditions)

A short biography with important highlights

After finishing elementary school in Dolenjske Toplice, general high school in Novo Mesto and successfully completing her studies at the Faculty of Pharmacy, she got a job at the Žužemberk pharmacy, where she performs important consulting and prescription work.

With his approach, he wants to teach clients/patients about the correct and efficient use of medicines and nutritional supplements. In 2011, she also completed her education in homeopathy, as she thinks it is important to present alternative methods of self-treatment to the patient.

Personality traits

  • well organized
  • Precise
  • Responsible
  • Patient
  • Professional

Achievements/articles/special projects, education... in the professional field

  • Basic education in homeopathy
  • Review of medication use
  • Basic education from Schussler salts
  • Beginning of Specialization in Clinical Pharmacy
  • Annual education of the Chamber of Pharmacists of Slovenia (Recognition and treatment of respiratory diseases, Biological and similar biological medicines)
  • Educations of the Slovenian Pharmaceutical Society
    • Men and Medicines
    • Migraine - can we recognize it?
    • Arterial and venous hypertension
    • When is local treatment of onychomycosis appropriate?
    • American straw man against COVID 19 and bee products for the immune system
    • Cardiovascular diseases during the epidemic
    • Nutrigenetics: a step towards personalized nutrition
    • COVID-19 and vaccination
    • Disseminated plasmacytoma
    • effect of sleep on work performance and immune system
    • functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract
    • comprehensive treatment of dialysis patients
    • medicines and the liver
    • when a patient needs NSAIDs
  • Slovenian Menopausal Society
    • The Golden Fifties: Recommendations on Menopausal Medicine
  • Doctrina online education
    • Eosinophilic esophagitis: symptoms, causes, diagnosis and therapy
    • Dry eye and Bepanthol eye drops
    • Heart failure in diabetic patients
    • How we diagnose MS - Part 1 and 2
    • Symptoms and recognition of MS
    • Symptomatic treatment of MS
    • The role of the clinical psychologist in the treatment of patients with MS
    • Progressive MS
    • Sideral sucrosomal iron
    • Intestinal immune system and fundamental building blocks of immune homeostasis
    • Lecofusin - the power of combination for pain relief
    • viral diseases and defense against them
    • Anxemil - a new drug for the relief of mild symptoms of psychological stress
    • Pregnancy without worries
    • Vitamins and minerals from A to Z - Centrum
    • Hypogonadism
    • Supradyn Immuno vitamin C
  • FarmaPro online training
    • Recommendations for the use of cannabinoids in the treatment of cancer patients
    • Hemophilia treatment in Slovenia
    • Management of stress and demanding situations in communication
    • Medications during pregnancy
    • probiotics and the immune system
  • Edumedic education (Symposium Lorena,...)

What do I do at the pharmacy?

  • issue of medicines, food supplements, medical devices, cosmetics
  • Solving complaints
  • Arranging and taking care of documentation
  • Control over temperature regimes, which are important for ensuring the appropriate quality of medicines, food supplements and cosmetics

Lukanc Maja, Master of Pharmacy - Experts advice

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Wednesday, 07 December 2011
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Intense sports activity in pregnancy?

Sunday, 17 December 2017
Question: I am in the 8th week of pregnancy and I am actively involved in sports, especially running and hiking. Since I train running, we also have interval training once a week, which means that the heart rate rises to 90% of the maximum... read more...

Asthma and pregnancy!

Friday, 10 November 2017
Question: I am 25 years old and would love to get pregnant in the near future. I have been battling asthma since childhood. I am taking medication with a glucocorticoid, when Ventolin gets worse. Even with a little effort, my lungs wheeze,... read more...

Sensoril and side effects!

Tuesday, 29 November 2016
Customer question: Hello, I found your ad for Sensoril anti-stress capsules and I ask you if this is suitable for any side effects such as gastrointestinal tract such as stomach and intestines I mean in this sense that I would not have any... read more...

Urine has an unpleasant odor

Tuesday, 24 November 2015
Customer question: Dear Sir, I have had problems smelling urine for about half a year. I don't have any pain and I don't have a burning sensation when urinating, the only problem is the smell, which smells awful. I was at a doctor 4 weeks ago,... read more...

Contraception and heat waves!

Saturday, 06 October 2012
Question: I am 61 years old. My uterus was removed 15 years ago, and both ovaries 4 years ago. Immediately after the uterine operation, my gynecologist prescribed me the hormone patches ESTRADERM 50 mg, and after a few years 25 mg, which I... read more...
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Vitamin D3 - Synthetic or Natural?

Wednesday, 25 January 2012
Question: Ladies and gentlemen, I am interested in the following: we have a 7-month-old baby who does not want to be given synthetic vitamin D. We find online that cod liver oil is a suitable natural substitute, but it is only in capsule form.... read more...

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