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Cellfood vitamin C spray, 118 mL
Cellfood vitamin C spray, 118 mL
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Cellfood vitamin C spray, 118 mL

Manufacturer: Cellfood
Cellfood with vitamin C spray.
Price: 37.81 €
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Product specifications
Specifier Value
Product Type Dietary supplement, spray
Ingredient ascorbic acid
Contains c vitamin


CELLFOOD + C vitamin Spray provides VAT (recommended daily dose) of vitamin C & ndash; plus CELLFOOD & ndash; in spray. With the possibility of injecting the preparation under the tongue (sublingually), we enable an increase in the bioavailability (absorption) of the product content into human plasma.

We have long known that:

- the best availability of active substances by injection
- the weakest   but in the form of pills, more expensive

The technology of integration and stabilization of the active ingredients of CELLFOOD + C vitamin Spray products uses a unique and advanced technology t.im. photo-acoustic resonance. This individual active ingredient (its molecular structure), upon entering the formulation of CELLFOOD & reg; stabilizes to the basic active form of the molecule. So   a single molecule has its own cellular receptor   rapidly recognized and absorbed into cellular plasma. It's easier to call this & ndash; higher bioavailability of nutrients.

CELLFOOD + C vitamin Spray is very suitable for adolescents and anyone who has difficulty swallowing tablets and capsules.

Natural Ingredients - CELLFOOD   + Vitamin C Spray is   made from the highest quality, completely natural ingredients.
CELLFOOD   + Vitamin C Spray does not contain alcohol, glucose, yeast or gluten.
CELLFOOD   + Vitamin C Spray does not contain ingredients that are prohibited on professional   or amateur   sports competitions or prohibited by sports federations.
CELLFOOD   + Vitamin C Spray   it is not addictive, is non-invasive and completely non-toxic.

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Product specifications
Specifier Value
Product Type Dietary supplement, spray
Ingredient ascorbic acid
Contains c vitamin

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