Braunemon capsules, 2x30 capsules + Dermoemon, 30 capsules FREE
Braunemon capsules, 2x30 capsules + Dermoemon, 30 capsules FREE
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Braunemon capsules, 2x30 capsules + Dermoemon, 30 capsules FREE

Manufacturer: Braunemon

Braunemon is a dietary supplement in capsules containing beta carotene of natural origin derived from the fungus Blakeslea trispora, pantothenic acid, riboflavin (vitamin B2), vitamin E and vitamin C.

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Product specifications
Product Type Dietary supplement, capsules, balsam
Purpose tanning
Purpose of use unified complexion
Markskin colour
Pharmaceutical formcapsules


Braunemon capsules enrich the well-known substance pantothenic acid, which is also called the beauty vitamin and riboflavin. Riboflavin works on the skin so that it is constantly nourished and quickly regenerated. 

The diet of the day does not cover the needs for all vitamins and minerals and other organic complexes. All this deficiency sooner or later turns out to be a pathological change. Also, general well-being is not affected by bad habits such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and a diet that is not complete. 

Braunemon is rich in riboflavin and pantothenic acid, and if they are deficient, this deficiency is most likely to show on the structure of the skin and mucous membranes. Thus, the structure of the skin changes to such an extent that it becomes hypersensitive, red, dry, and the skin cells no longer perform their function for which they are programmed. When the resistance drops and in the absence of the mentioned ingredients, aphthae form in the mouth, cracks in the corners of the mouth, the nails become brittle and brittle, and the skin gets the appearance of an aged texture. In this case, Braunemon capsules are especially recommended.

The recommended intake is 1 capsule daily. 

Braunemon also contains & szlig; -carotene. This is a special provitamin derived from plants. We get it from carrots. Its importance is that the precursor is important in the formation of vitamin A.

Braunemon product contains the following vitamins

beta carotene - 9 mg
Pantothenic acid - 14 mg
> vitamin B2 - 2.5 mg

Use of Braunemon:

The recommended amount of capsules is 1 per day. Consumption of Braunemon benefits the whole organism.

Attention: the product starts working after approx. 2 - 3 weeks. We recommend taking the capsules before intense sunbathing. 

The daily dose of the food supplement is 1 capsule - take the product for better results for up to 2 months. We start the treatment 3 weeks before the planned sunbathing - you should also take the capsules as long as possible after sunbathing.

We recommend that you do not exceed the recommended daily intake (1 tablet per day). The optimal time to take a dietary supplement is 60 days.

Can everyone take Braunemo?

Braunemon is suitable for most people, except pregnant women, children and all smokers. It is also a known fact that it is not recommended to take dietary supplements along with alcohol. The same goes for medicines!

Braunemon is a dietary supplement of Slovenian origin and research of Slovenian people. 

Additional description


There is also a YouTube image below the product image a demonstration of how to accelerate self-tanning as quickly and as successfully as possible, which can be achieved in several ways - one of them is definitely the consumption of Braunemon! The presentation shows how to tan with self-tanning cream.

1. exfoliate any dead cells that prevent the cream from accessing the site of action. This will make the self-tanning effect more successful and last even longer.
2.Dry your skin - water and most self-tanning creams are not compatible
3.apply self-tanning cream - we recommend the following & gt; & gt; ; Apply it as evenly as possible! Apply it in one direction and spread it as much as possible as shown!
4. wash your hands and remove stains from self-tanning feed
5. apply a lotion that causes better hydration of the skin and better penetration of the active ingredients into the interior

More in the video!

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Ratings and Reviews

| 11/2/2017 3:27 PM
Super izdelek
Z izdelkom Braunemon kapsulami sem zelo zadovoljna. Sama imam probleme s pigmentacijo kože, na določenih mestih mam kožo neobarvano. Z braunemon kapsulami pa sem to odpravila in moja koža je enakomerno obarvana. Prav tako nimam težav z pordečelo kožo, pa še sama obarvanost kože zdrži dlje časa. Še posebej mi je bil všeč tovrstni akcijski paket, kjer smo ob nakupu 2 izdelkov dobili še sončno kremo gratis. Še več takšnih akcij je zelo dobrodošlih.
Izdelek je enostaven za uporabo , kapsule so pakirane v škatlici.
| 4/8/2015 2:00 AM
Super - imam kožno bolezen (depigmentacijsko) in tale zadeva znatno pripomore k lepši obarvanosti kože.



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Product specifications
Product Type Dietary supplement, capsules, balsam
Purpose tanning
Purpose of use unified complexion
Markskin colour
Pharmaceutical formcapsules

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