Bioeffect EGF serum
Bioeffect EGF serum
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Bioeffect EGF serum

Manufacturer: Bioeffect

A cellular activator that stimulates the process of cell regeneration for a smoother, firmer and more glowing complexion.

Price: 135.99 €
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Product specifications
Product Typeserum, serum


BIOEFFECT EGF Serum contains EGF cell activator. It stimulates the recovery process and   cell regeneration and results in a smoother, firmer and more glowing poly.


- restores,
- rehydrates,
- spring

Formulated with EGF cell activator produced from barley seeds
The results are quickly visible and long lasting.

BIOEFFECT EGF Serum consists of only 9 ingredients and using   just 2 to 4 drops a day show its immense regenerative power.

Efficient, safe and clean:

-Suitable for all skin types
- Contains no preservatives or dyes
- Not tested on animals
- Does not contain carbonic acid
-The highest possible level of purity

Ingredients of Bioeffect EGF serum

Butylene   glycol
Sodium chloride
Sodium citrate
Sodium dehydroacetate
Sodium hyaluronate
Hordeum vulgare seed extract
EGF (Transgenic barley   sh-Oligopeptide-1)

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Product specifications
Product Typeserum, serum

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