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Ticks are tiny parasites that feed on the blood of animals and humans and are common causes of diseases such as borreliosis, tick-borne encephalitis, babesiosis, and anaplasmosis. These parasites can survive in various environments, including tall grass, scrub, and forest, and reproduce rapidly. Ticks attach to their hosts and suck blood, which can cause discomfort, itching, inflammation, and disease transmission.

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Tick additives are products used to protect animals from ticks and prevent tick infections. These additives can include various formulations such as collars, spot-on preparations, sprays, drops, and tablets containing active ingredients such as fipronil, permethrin, imidacloprid, amitraz, and other insecticides and acaricides that work against ticks. Animals against ticks stem from the need to protect animals from tick-borne diseases and to maintain their health and well-being. Regular use of these supplements can reduce the risk of contracting tick-borne diseases and reduce the number of ticks that attach to animals. Protection against ticks is critical in areas where ticks are expected or where tick-borne diseases are present. Pet owners who live or move outdoors frequently should regularly use anti-tick supplements to protect their pets from potential tick-related hazards. In this way, they can reduce the risk of contracting tick-borne diseases and maintain the health and well-being of their animals.

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Ataxxa 1250 mg / 250 mg skin application solu...

11.50 €

Ataxxa 200 mg / 40 mg dermal solution for dog...

8.95 €

Ataxxa 2000 mg / 400 mg skin application solu...

14.05 €

Ataxxa 500 mg / 100 mg skin application solut...

10.21 €

Baj baj electronic dispenser of ticks and fle...

12.83 €

Dr. Junghans tweezers for removing ticks - me...

8.81 €

Dr. Junghans plastic tweezers for removing ti...

5.99 €

Electronic tick repellent - people, children,...

From 12.30 €

Foresto parasite collar over 8 kg, 1 collar

39.80 €

Foresto parasite collar up to 8 kg, 1 collar

35.99 €

Forth tick repellent - spray, 150 mL

9.55 €

Grau garlic granules

From 8.25 €

Gray garlic tablets

From 14.60 €

KaWe tweezers for ticks, 1 tweezers

10.70 €

PHA Tweezers for ticks, 1 tweezers

4.98 €

Vigo insecticidal shampoo for dogs, 200 g

7.69 €

Vigo Ka-De Insecticide Spray, 450 mL

13.80 €

Vigo collar for dogs and cats, 35 cm

From 11.02 €

Advantix ampoules / skin application for dogs...

From 30.30 €

Tick remover - tweezers, 1 tweezers.

2.55 €

O'TOM silicone universal tick remover, 2 remo...

6.43 €

Tickless Baby ultrasonic tick repellent for c...

From 28.28 €

Tickless MINI electronic tick and flea repell...

From 41.71 €

Knock Off collar against ticks and fleas for ...

13.93 €

Knock Off collar against ticks and fleas for ...

16.79 €

Scalibor collar for dogs against ticks and mo...

From 32.89 €

Vectra 3D raztopina za pse in mačke - kožni ...

From 22.70 €

Grau garlic tablets for dogs and cats, 400 ta...

22.30 €

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