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Oral hygiene - Other

Veterinary products and skin care products are products used for the care and treatment of skin problems in animals. These products are formulated to be applied directly to the animal's skin and act topically to relieve symptoms, treat skin conditions, restore skin tissue, and improve skin and coat health. They can help with various skin problems, including allergies, inflammation, infections, dry skin, itching, and other dermatological problems.

Detailed description of the category: Other for veterinary use

These products help with various skin problems in animals and contribute to the health and well-being of your pet. Veterinary shampoos are specially formulated for use on animals. They are enriched with nutrients, moisturizers, anti-inflammatory ingredients, antibacterial agents, and other active ingredients that help clean, soothe, and heal animal skin. Lotions and creams are usually intended for topical use on small areas of the skin where problems such as inflammation, wounds, rashes, and irritation occur. Topical sprays are convenient and can be easily spread over the animal's affected skin. Antipruritic balms are formulated to relieve itching and skin irritation and prevent further scratching and skin damage. These may contain menthol, camphor, zinc oxide, hydrocortisone, antihistamines, and other substances that can help soothe itching and reduce inflammation.

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Ataxxa 1250 mg / 250 mg skin application solu...

9.99 €

Ataxxa 200 mg / 40 mg dermal solution for dog...

7.77 €

Ataxxa 2000 mg / 400 mg skin application solu...

9.52 €

Ataxxa 500 mg / 100 mg skin application solut...

8.88 €

Baj baj electronic dispenser of ticks and fle...

12.83 €

BeautyCase puppy shampoo, 250 mL

8.38 €

Bezo-pet paste to prevent the formation of kn...

20.10 €

Bolhostop (Flea Zapper) electronic flea comb ...

38.10 €

Canigum Relax for dogs, 30 tablets

21.25 €

Canine & Feline CortaFlex HA capsules, 60 cap...

47.01 €

Canine Inflamex syrup with bromelain and yucc...

37.99 €

Caniviton Forte supplementary dog food, 1000 ...

76.11 €

Caniviton Forte supplementary dog food, 400g

40.18 €

Clorexyderm forte shampoo for dogs and cats, ...

13.21 €

Clorexyderm Oto solution for cleaning the ear...

11.45 €

Clorexyderm spray solution for dogs and cats,...

12.26 €

Dermanorm supplement for dogs, 90 capsules

30.05 €

Dermanorm oil for dogs and cats, 500 mL

54.12 €

DermaOtic ear cleanser, 125 mL

13.47 €

Dermo spray animal skin care powder, 200 mL

12.67 €

Dermoscent Essential 6 Spot-on skin applicati...

20.24 €

Dermoscent Essential 6 Spot-on skin applicati...

22.85 €

Dermoscent Uti-Zen tablets for dogs and cats,...

13.99 €

Dr. Junghans tweezers for removing ticks - me...

8.81 €

Dr. Junghans plastic tweezers for removing ti...

5.99 €

Ecocid S powder, 50, 1000 or 2500 g

From 1.57 €

Electronic tick repellent - people, children,...

From 12.30 €

EnteroZOO veterinary gel (tube or crucible)

From 15.70 €

EnteroZOO veterinary gel for stomach in bags,...

25.61 €

EnteroZOO veterinary stomach gel in bags, 3x1...

75.05 €

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