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Andreja Kolarič, cosmetic pharmaceutical technician

Andreja Kolarič
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Andreja Kolarič, cosmetic pharmaceutical technician, aromatherapist

Education: cosmetic pharmaceutical technician

Employed by the company: Favn d.o.o., Adamičeva cesta 51, Grosuplje, 1290 Grosuplje

IG @eteris.slovenija, @favn_moc_zelisc and @aromaterapevtka_aromasos

Type of consultant: SUPER CONSULTANT (COMPETENT CONSULTANT for the field of Favn products)

A short biography with important highlights

My professional path led me from classical pharmacy to holistic aromatherapy. After ten years of working in a pharmacy, I decided to research herbs and aromatherapy.

Professional training and additional education also led me to the much desired and officially recognized profession of aromatherapist. Favn is a company that has its own et.olj brand under the name Eteris, which I represent on the Slovenian market.

I really enjoy imparting knowledge to both the professional and lay public. Above all, I am in favor of the correct and safe use of essential oils, because essential oils offer us many possibilities, if only we know how to use and combine them correctly. Nature heals - both body and spirit. I have proven this myself with the help of aromatherapy, as I have helped myself and many others to better health and well-being. And this is the most beautiful smelling mission for me.

Achievements/articles/special projects, ... in the field of expertise

  • collaboration in writing professional articles and literature
  • lectures for the professional public (pharmacists, nurses,...)
  • lectures for the lay public at fairs and events,...


Favn is a SLOVENIAN family company that has been operating since 1985, something we can be really proud of. The quality of products and sincerity towards people is in the first place at Favn. I am really happy to be part of a company where together we are creating a fragrant future of natural products that serve the health and well-being of all of us.

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