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Earn up to 1500 $ or even more for a single affiliate post - it depends only on your skill level.

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How do you start?

Well - it is really easy - here is a link to begin with: www.mybestpharmacy.net/affiliate

  1. if you are not registered yet, you can do it here: www.mybestpharmacy.net/register
  2. please make sure you do not forget to add your address here (you have to be registered; it does not go with GUEST option): www.mybestpharmacy/address
  3. when you are still logged in, go here: www.mybestpharmacy.net/affiliate
  4. Enter and confirm your affiliate name - examples are here: tomas or success-story or i-am-the-best-affiliate. It is unique name of the affiliate that will be in affiliates URL. This can be a company name, phone number or any other identity of the affiliate.
  5. After administrator activates your affiliate profile in your pfile you can see those sections:

Example: let's say that you used as affiliate name this one: tomy

Then your affiliate link would look like this: http://www.mybestpharmacy.net/?affiliate=tomy

or in general:

ANY LINK + /?affiliate=tomy



basic commision

Well - here is the thing. We did our part of research - please take a look this popular affiliate programs and their commission rates:

Seller Commission rate Comment
Target 5 % /
Amazon 4 % /
Best Buy 0 - 1 % /
Walmart 4 % /
Gearbest 50 % (up to)  50 % actually just on few products
eBay 50 - 70 % that means 50 - 70 % of eBAY fees - which means actually 3-4 % 
BBB 3,15 %  

So how can you really get 20 or even 25 % commission?

It is just impossible to offer highest commissions for each and every product we are selling. 

Look at our assortment, decide which products are really likable to you and for which of those you are really optimistic you can present in the best possible way and write it down for us. Send this list to us and we will take a look at your wishes and decide what we can do for you. 

Please send us your contact and wishes here - Contact us and we will try to send our response in one working day. 


Affiliate coupon marketing means that you partner up with affiliate networks, who distribute your promo codes to large coupon websites. Another tactic is mentioning coupon code on your site or in your post on facebook, Instagram or other social media. 

Please send us your contact and wishes about coupon codes (especially about coupon code names) that you would like to use - Contact us and we will try to send our response in one working day. 


Well - there is a fun part - you can build so called affiliate tree. 

Affiliate as you might become, can have child affiliates, if you register them by yourself (you do it here, after your affiliate account is activated). 

If you regster more then 7 acitve affiliates, your basic commission goes from 10 to 11 %.

More about commissions in that case is availabe in Affiliate tree Commission tabel:

Number of active child Affiliates Basic commission Comment
0 10 %* /
7 or more 11 %* active child affiliate means at least 100 orders on monthly basis from all child affiliates
15 or more 13 %* active child affiliate means at least 100 orders on monthly basis from all child affiliates

*commissions for some product can be raised up to 25 %. 



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