Increase your revenue by driving traffic to or

Increase your revenue by driving traffic to or

Promote our pharmacy with tons of interesting products that you may use as well. You know - your experience is the best experience.

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Increase your revenue by driving traffic to or
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Carry out affiliate marketing for us on the sites: or/and!
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You can choose your commission plan!
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My-pharmacy Affiliate benefits
How to start?

Start the affiliate program by clicking on the link below:

  1. if you are not registered, you can do it here:; please do not forget to add your address on the following links (you must be registered beforehand): www.
  2. when already logged in, click on the following link:
  3. Enter and confirm your affiliate name - examples are tomas, success-story, or i-am-the-best-affiliate. This is a unique affiliate name, which will be listed in every URL you form. This can be a company name, phone number, or any other identity of your affiliate account.
  4. When an administrator activates yourš affiliate profile, you can see the following new categories in yourš profile:

Example: suppose you used the following as an affiliate name: tomy

Then your affiliate link would look like this:

or in general:

ANY LINK + /?affiliate=tomy


Basic commission





We've done the homework and researched - check out these popular affiliate programs and their commissions:

Seller Commission Percentage Comment
Target 5% /
Amazon 4% /
Best Buy 0 - 1% /
Walmart 4% /
Gearbest 50% (up to this value)  50% on only some products - only-rare
eBay 50 - 70% this means 50 - 70% of eBAY commissions - which basically means 3-4% on the total amount
BBB 3.15%  


So how can you really get 20 or even 25% commission?

It is impossible to get the highestšcommission possible for every product we sell.

Watch it onš assortment of products, which is now more than 30,000, decide which products you really like and which of these you can present in the best possible way. Choose such products that you really know and have good experience with. Send us this list and we will look at your wishes and decide what we can do for you.


Please send us your contact and wishes here - Contact us  - we will tryšor send an answer within one working day.


Affiliate coupon marketing means you connect with affiliate networks that distribute your promo codes to major coupon sites. Another tactic is to mention the coupon code on your website or in a post on Facebook, Instagram or other social networks.

Send us your contact and your preferences regarding the coupon codes (especially the names of the coupon codes) you want to use - Email us and find we will tryšor send an answer within one working day.


And here's the fun part - if you wish, you can build a so-called Affiliate tree.

Each Affliate employee (for example you personally) can also have so-called Child Affilate employees if you register them yourself (do this here, you can do this šonly after activating youršAffiliate account).

If you register more than 7 active Affliate collaborators - Child Affiliates, your basic commission will increase from 10 to 11%.

More about such commissions and rewards can be found in the following table: Affiliate tree commissions:

Number of Child Affiliates Base Fee Comment
0 10%* /
7 or more 11%* this means achieving at least 100 orders per month from all youršChild Affiliates combined
15 or more 13%* this means achieving at least 50 orders per month from each of your Child Affiliate

* commissions for certain products can increaseš up to 25%.

Warning: misinterpretation of the affiliate program leads to non-payment of funds. 

The affiliate program is not used for the purpose of ordering products for oneself, relatives, etc. Any cheating of the program that we offer results in the deactivation of the user's account. 

Want to become a affiliate?

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you!

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