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Braces are used for many health problems. The most common include sprains, muscle and ligament strains, tendinitis, bursitis, arthritis, post-operative rehabilitation, joint instability, and chronic joint pain. They are also helpful in preventing injuries in athletes who perform repetitive movements or participate in intense physical activities.

Detailed description of the category: Splints

We know several types of braces designed for different parts of the body and the specific needs of users. Splints are orthopedic devices that stabilize, support, and protect joints and muscles. They are used to treat various injuries and health problems and prevent injuries during physical activity. Their primary function is to limit the movement of an injured or weakened body part, which allows for proper healing and reduces the risk of further injury. Each type of brace is designed to meet the user's specific needs and provide optimal support and comfort. The user must choose the correct type of brace based on their injury or condition. Appropriate use of splints can significantly contribute to effective treatment, prevention of further injuries, and improvement of quality of life.

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Achimed Achilles tendon splint with anatomica...

From 91.99 €

Condylex strip for tennis elbow

From 11.90 €

Dynastab Dual splint for wrist immobilization

From 24.48 €

Epicomed elbow soft splint with silicone supp...

From 87.86 €

Epi-Med femoral splint

From 31.40 €

Fix interdigital thumb correction device

From 5.60 €

Genu Ligaflex ROM 4 four-point knee orthosis

From 181.21 €

Genuaction elastic knee splint

From 20.14 €

Genuaction Junior elastic knee splint

20.14 €

Genuextrem elastic knee brace with side reinf...

From 22.75 €

Genumedi knee brace with silicone cake ring

65.99 €

Genumedi plus knee brace with silicone ring f...

From 68.56 €

GenuPro Comfort patellar knee orthosis with i...

From 47.83 €

Genusoft elastic knee splint with propriocept...

From 14.77 €

Gibaud abdominal girdle with hypogastric appe...

From 54.60 €

Gibaud Anti-Epicondylitis Elbow

From 23.86 €

Gibaud double action spinal belt

From 61.38 €

Gibaud Elbowgib tennis elbow bandage

From 20.62 €

Gibaud Flexible C1 cervical soft collar

From 9.85 €

Gibaud Genugib POLY C universal four-point kn...

234.08 €

Gibaud inguinal hernia

From 58.59 €

Gibaud Lombogib Jeanswear spine belt

From 53.85 €

Gibaud LomboGib belt for pregnant women - uni...

56.94 €

Gibaud Lombogib Workwear spine belt

From 60.27 €

Gibaud Lumbar Action spine belt in white

From 59.64 €

Gibaud Lumbar white spine belt 21 cm high

From 55.81 €

Gibaud Lumbar Double black spine belt 26 cm h...

From 63.35 €

Gibaud strong inguinal hernia belt

From 65.77 €

Gibaud grocery store with pocket

From 21.61 €

Gibaud support strap

17.80 €

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