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Reading glasses

Reading glasses are corrective glasses designed to improve vision when reading and performing other close-up tasks. They are often used by people with age-related farsightedness (presbyopia), a condition in which the eye's lens hardens and loses its ability to adjust to focus on near objects due to aging. This problem usually occurs after age 40 and affects the ability to read small print or perform precise, close-up tasks.

Detailed description of the category: Reading glasses

We know several types of reading glasses adapted to different needs and situations. The most common type is mono-focal reading glasses, which have the same diopter over the entire lens surface. These glasses are suitable for those who only need glasses for reading or near work. Another type is progressive glasses, which combine several diopters in one lens without visible transitions between them. Progressive glasses provide clear vision at different distances - near, intermediate, and far- which is convenient for people who need vision correction at multiple distances. In contrast to progressive glasses, bifocals have a line of sight separating two diopters, one for near and one for distance. Reading glasses are essential for improving the quality of life of those who face problems with reading or close work, as they enable clear and comfortable vision at short distances.

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