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Pressure and temperature monitors

Pressure and temperature monitors are critical medical devices that monitor and control patients' vital signs, such as blood pressure and body temperature. These gauges are crucial for diagnosing and monitoring diseases and conditions and identifying potential health problems. They help improve patient care and prevent potential complications.

Detailed description of the category: Pressure and temperature gauges

Pressure monitors, such as automatic digital blood pressure monitors, enable accurate and reliable blood pressure measurement. Blood pressure monitoring is vital to detecting hypertension (high blood pressure) or hypotension (low blood pressure), which are important risk factors for cardiovascular disease, stroke, heart attack, and other health problems. Regular blood pressure measurement can help in the timely treatment and preventing complications. Body temperature meters, such as digital thermometers, infrared thermometers, and ear thermometers, allow quick, easy, and non-invasive measurement of body temperature. Monitoring body temperature is critical to detecting elevated body temperature, which can indicate infections, inflammation, colds, flu, or other illnesses. Timely detection of elevated body temperature enables quick action and treatment and prevents possible complications. Pressure and temperature gauges are especially important for certain groups, such as the elderly, chronic patients, children, and pregnant women.

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Braun BNT400 front thermometer, 1 set

68.99 €

Braun BP 2200 VitalScan 3 wrist pressure gaug...

68.59 €

Braun BP 6200 ExactFit upper arm pressure gau...

95.05 €

Brown digital thermometer, PRT 1000

16.54 €

Braun PRT2000 digital thermometer

18.98 €

Braun ThermoScan IRT6520 ear thermometer, 1 s...

98.79 €

Brown thermoscan ear thermometer

98.79 €

Citizen cuff for blood pressure monitor

10.31 €

Citizen standard cuff for gauges marked 432

10.31 €

Curaprox Surgical mega soft toothbrush, 1 bru...

7.79 €

DigiO2 ear digital thermometer, 1 set

42.55 €

Digital thermometer Me 520 with moving tip

8.02 €

Me510 digital thermometer

5.29 €

Ecomed M320 front thermometer, 1 thermometer

36.03 €

GEON MT-B132F digital thermometer

10.06 €

Geratherm basal thermometer for determining f...

21.46 €

Geratherm classic analog body thermometer wit...

13.34 €

Geratherm Classic Easy Flip analog body therm...

13.34 €

Geratherm Classic XL mercury-free analog body...

16.62 €

Geratherm clinic advanced thermometer

13.66 €

Geratherm desktop upper arm blood pressure mo...

87.15 €

Geratherm duotemp multi-thermometer

68.51 €

Geratherm Fever Beaver thermometer, 1 thermom...

16.10 €

Geratherm non contact non-contact temperature...

71.52 €

Geratherm This saliva-based fertility control...

36.87 €

Geratherm rapid body thermometer

15.84 €

Geratherm tensio control wrist blood pressure...

68.51 €

Geratherm wristwatch wrist blood pressure mon...

59.95 €

KaWe MasterMed hand pressure measuring device...

83.26 €

Lanaform wrist blood pressure monitor

31.99 €

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