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Other accessories

Various devices, instruments, appliances, equipment, and other products are used for diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, patient care, and improvement of their health and quality of life.

Detailed description of the category: Other accessories and devices

These devices are essential to the efficient delivery of health services and patient care, enabling health professionals to diagnose diseases, monitor patients' health, administer therapies and rehabilitation, and provide the necessary care. Medical devices are, therefore, indispensable for providing adequate medical care and supporting patients in their health and well-being. They enable the diagnosis of diseases, the implementation of therapies, rehabilitation, care, and nursing and contribute to improving the quality of life of patients. With the correct use of these aids, health is improved, risks of complications are reduced, and recovery is accelerated.

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ABSO bed mat, 90x120 cm

33.00 €

ABSO bed base, 90x90 cm

25.62 €

Acon COC urine test for cocaine, 1 test

4.80 €

Abugnost MOP urine test for opiates, 1 test

21.35 €

Acon multi drug 5 urine test, 1 test

25.32 €

Access support for wrist immobilization

From 15.67 €

Accu-chek mobile test strips, 50 strips

25.50 €

Aerochamber Plus Flow-Vu attachment for adult...

From 19.01 €

Airex Balanced pad balance pillow

89.48 €

Airmag cleaner, 1000 mL

15.75 €

Airmag cleaner, 5000 mL

91.38 €

Airmag maintenance kit (cleaner, fragrance, f...

10.73 €

AirProjet medicine container for ultrasonic i...

7.98 €

Acupressure pillow

116.52 €

Allergy Sensitive pillow cover - size class I

From 34.91 €

Anatomical pillow for antidecubitis KC95

82.79 €

Anti-decubitus pillow made of double memory f...

From 66.79 €

Anti-decubitus pillow made of memory foam

37.27 €

Anti-decubitus pillow with opening KF00

39.55 €

Apex crusher and tablet store

8.99 €

Apex tablet cutter, 1 set

8.99 €

Api-Inhal Inhalation Mixture Allergy, 50 mL

10.46 €

Api-Inhal inhalation mixture Flu and Cold, 50...

9.98 €

Api-Inhal inhalation mixture: Lower respirato...

9.98 €

Api-Inhal: upper respiratory tract, 50 mL

9.98 €

Aqua Perfect hygiene pre-moistened glove for ...

3.22 €

Aqua Sanitas water treatment bottle

90.08 €

Aqua Sensitive pre-moistened glove for washin...

3.22 €

Aqua Shampoo pre-moistened glove for washing ...

4.58 €

Aqua Sport pre-moistened glove for refreshmen...

3.87 €

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