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Mueller equipment

Mueller is a recognized brand specializing in the production of sports medicine and orthopedic aids. Founded in 1961 in the USA, it has offered a wide range of products to help prevent and treat sports injuries for over six decades. The most famous products include various sports tapes, braces, compression, and cooling and heating products. Mueller focuses on its products' quality, innovation, and reliability, which is confirmed by the many athletes and physiotherapists who regularly use their devices.

Detailed description of the category: Mueller equipment

Mueller is mainly known for its high-quality sports tapes and bandages, which athletes use to stabilize joints and muscles, prevent injuries, and support recovery. Their bands are designed for different body parts, including wrists, knees, ankles, and elbows, and are popular among professional and recreational athletes. In addition to sports tapes, Mueller offers a range of braces designed to support joints and muscles during recovery from injuries or surgeries. These braces are flexible and made from materials that provide comfort and effective stabilization. Popular products include knee, ankle, back, wrist, and elbow braces. Mueller compression products include socks, sleeves, and pants that help improve blood circulation, reduce swelling, and speed muscle recovery after exercise. These products are designed to be worn comfortably during and after sports activities. Mueller is also known for its cooling and heating products, which relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Among them are cooling gels, heating pads, cooling and heating bags, and wraps for different body parts. These products help treat injuries such as sprains, strains, and sprains and chronic conditions such as muscle and joint pain.

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Mueller knee strap - Black color

23.45 €

Mueller 4 Way Stretch ankle cuff, 1 cuff

From 24.98 €

Mueller Deluxe knee brace with bandage, 1 bra...

From 122.92 €

Mueller elastic elbow cuff (black or beige)

From 13.96 €

Mueller elastic ankle cuff

From 17.84 €

Mueller elastic wrist cuff (black or beige)

From 13.96 €

Mueller elastic wrist cuff with loop, 1 cuff

13.96 €

Mueller Ez-Wrap Strech mounting foil, 10.1x90...

7.97 €

Mueller Hg80 black knee brace, 1 brace

From 89.77 €

Mueller Hg80 articulated three-point knee spl...

From 119.95 €

Mueller compression cuff for match - CHO PAT

From 44.93 €

Mueller adjustable back and abdomen belt, 1 b...

71.81 €

Mueller neoprene knee cuff with straps

31.91 €

Mueller neoprene knee cuff with open patella

From 24.98 €

Mueller neoprene knee cuff with closed cupcak...

From 24.98 €

Mueller neoprene elbow cuff PRO

From 22.03 €

Mueller neoprene thigh cuff

From 26.97 €

Mueller neoprene thigh cuff - universal

24.98 €

Mueller armrest

19.94 €

Mueller back lumbar support

68.59 €

Mueller back support belt - Universal size

72.01 €

Mueller elbow splint

From 32.38 €

Mueller wrist brace 307/308

From 25.17 €

Mueller self-adjusting universal knee stabili...

51.86 €

Mueller ankle stabilizer, 1 stabilizer

34.76 €

Mueller knee brace with open patella

27.30 €

Mueller hinged knee brace three-point

From 86.10 €

Mueller face shield - new version

78.73 €

Mueller Tear Light Tape bandage tape, 16 or 2...

From 120.64 €

Mueller TULI heel insert - pro

From 22.09 €

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