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Wound care

Wound care is essential because it prevents infection, reduces the risk of complications, and speeds up the healing process. Proper wound care reduces pain and discomfort and prevents the spread of infection to other parts of the body or other people. It also reduces the risk of chronic wounds and complications such as scarring and contractures.

Category details: Wound Care

Proper wound care provides optimal tissue regeneration and skin restoration conditions, which are crucial for quick and effective injury recovery. In addition, proper wound care contributes to overall health and well-being by preventing long-term health problems and reducing the need for further medical interventions. Wound care includes products that clean, protect, and promote wound healing. These products include sterile gauze, bandages, patches, antiseptic sprays and liquids, ointments, creams, gels, hydrocolloid patches, compression bandages, bandage scissors, tweezers, and disposable gloves. Sterile gauzes and bandages are essential tools for wound protection and infection prevention, while plasters ensure easy and quick covering of more minor wounds. Antiseptic sprays and liquids such as iodine, alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide clean wounds and kill microorganisms that could cause infection. Ointments, creams, and gels containing antibiotics or anti-inflammatory substances help prevent infections and heal wounds. Hydrocolloid plasters are special plasters that provide a moist environment, which speeds up healing and reduces pain. Compression bandages are used to pressure wounds, which helps control swelling and bleeding.

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Acticoat lining 20x40 cm, 6 pcs.

474.11 €

Actilite non-stick viscose mesh 10x10 cm, 10 ...

35.59 €

Actilite Protect linings 10x10 cm, 10 linings

111.33 €

Actilite Protect linings 10x15 cm, 10 linings

173.70 €

Actilite Protect linings 10x25 cm, 10 linings

259.87 €

Actilite Protect linings 10x35 cm, 10 linings

380.24 €

ActiMaris Forte concentrated solution for cle...

From 15.86 €

ActiMaris hydrogel for wounds, 20 or 50 g

From 14.99 €

ActiMaris Sensitive solution for washing woun...

From 6.34 €

Actisorb plus - 10.5x10.5cm, 10 pcs

42.55 €

Actisorb plus - 19x10,5cm, 10 pcs

78.56 €

Actisorb plus - 6,5x9,5cm, 10 pcs

29.89 €

Activon Tube medical manuka honey, 25 g

7.93 €

Adaptic digit large non-stick contact mesh, 1...

74.36 €

Adaptic digit medium non-stick contact mesh, ...

72.62 €

Adaptic digit small non-stick contact mesh, 1...

67.39 €

Adaptic NHW non-stick contact mesh 7.5 x 150 ...

371.91 €

Adaptic NHW non-stick contact mesh 7.6 x 20 c...

113.05 €

Adaptic NHW non-stick contact mesh 7.6 x 40.6...

130.23 €

Adaptic NHW non-stick contact mesh 7.6 x 7.6 ...

66.19 €

Advazorb Border hydrophilic foam coating 10x1...

74.16 €

Advazorb Border coatings made of hydrophilic ...

75.67 €

Advazorb Border coatings made of hydrophilic ...

103.68 €

Advazorb Border coatings made of hydrophilic ...

90.11 €

Advazorb Border hydrophilic foam coatings 15x...

109.10 €

Advazorb Border coatings made of hydrophilic ...

186.20 €

Advazorb Border coatings made of hydrophilic ...

44.36 €

Advazorb Border Thin thin coating of hydrophi...

83.42 €

Advazorb Border Thin thin coating of hydrophi...

66.64 €

Advazorb Border Thin thin coating of hydrophi...

100.50 €

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