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Ointments, creams and gels

Ointments, creams, and gels for injuries and sports are topical preparations used to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, promote healing, and prevent infection in various injuries such as sprains, dislocations, muscle pain, and bruises. They contain various active ingredients that target specific problems.

Details about the category: Ointments, creams and gels

Ointments are often thicker and greasier, which allows them to stay on the skin longer and allow the active substances to penetrate better. They contain ingredients such as menthol, camphor, salicylates, capsaicin, and essential oils that have an analgesic effect. Creams are lighter and less greasy than ointments, allowing faster absorption into the skin. They often contain similar active ingredients to ointments, including analgesics, anti-inflammatory agents, antiseptics, and moisturizers. The creams are suitable for use on larger body areas and for conditions where fast absorption is required. The gels are water-based and quickly absorbed into the skin, enabling a quick action start. They often contain pain-relieving ingredients such as ibuprofen, diclofenac, heparin, and arnica. Gels are famous for treating acute sports injuries; they dry quickly and do not leave greasy marks. These products target sports injuries, such as muscle soreness, sprains, dislocations, tendonitis, and bruises. Anti-pain and anti-inflammatory ingredients help reduce pain and swelling, while blood-enhancing ingredients promote tissue healing. Antiseptics in these preparations prevent infections and superficial skin injuries. Topical preparations are a vital part of sports medicine, as they enable targeted treatment of injuries and help speed up recovery.

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Abena Skincare Active Gel, 250 mL

4.58 €

Abena Skincare Zinc Ointment, 100 mL

5.31 €

Antineuralgin cream, 90 g

11.12 €

Aqua Maris nasal ointment, 10 g

4.12 €

Butters Glucosamine Massage Gel, 150 mL

15.16 €

Butters Ice Massage gel, 150 mL

16.70 €

Comfeel barrier cream, 60 mL

6.55 €

Ether cooling gel, 100 mL

8.11 €

Fawn Fama massage gel, 250 mL

10.31 €

Fawn zebal ointment, 75 mL

9.76 €

Physio herbal wrap, 1 wrap

8.72 €

Ice power arthro cream, 60 mL

13.48 €

Ice Power Cold gel, 150 mL

13.84 €

Ice power Cold gel, 75 mL

8.09 €

Ice power hot gel, 75 mL

10.98 €

Ice Power Plus MSM in gel, 200 mL

16.06 €

Ice power sport spray, 125 mL

13.17 €

Ice power spray, 200 mL

13.56 €

Perskindol Active Cool gel, 100 mL

12.97 €

Pic cooling spray, 150 mL

6.99 €

Pic cooling spray, 400 mL

9.99 €

Rastin F ointment 40 g

8.72 €

Plant ointment 40 g

8.72 €

Reconval K1 cream, 50 mL

22.66 €

Remigal ointment, 50 mL

9.29 €

Turbo gel F23 massage gel, 100 mL or KIT

From 9.67 €

Sport Lavit Sport Ice gel, 75 mL

7.95 €

Sport Lavit Relax Sport Bath bubble bath, 250...

From 7.95 €

Karismooth Massage heating ointment, 145 g

14.20 €

Ice Power Instant Cold pack, 1 wrap

3.09 €

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