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Incontinence devices and devices are used to control the involuntary leakage of urine or stool. Incontinence is a condition in which a person does not have complete control over the excretion of urine or stool, which can lead to unpleasant and stigmatizing situations and impair the quality of life. Incontinence devices help patients manage their problems and maintain dignity and independence.

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One of the most critical functions of incontinence devices is to absorb liquid or stool and prevent leakage from the body into the environment. These gadgets come in a variety of forms. Adult diapers provide protection and absorb urine or feces, allowing individuals to stay dry and comfortable throughout the day or night. Pads and covers are thin coverings placed in underwear that absorb small amounts of urine. They are discreet and more suitable for mild cases of incontinence or those needing additional protection in combination with other devices. Incontinence panties are specially designed to protect against urine or stool leakage. They are comfortable, airy, and discreet, enabling patients to live an active life without fear of unpleasant situations.

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Abri man formula 1 diapers for men, 14 diaper...

3.72 €

Abri man Formula 2 panties for men, 15 pantie...

5.99 €

Abri San Premium Normal anatomical inserts fo...

6.04 €

Abri Soft Basic bed base - 40 x 60 cm, 60 bas...

12.02 €

Abri Soft Basic bed base 60 x 60 cm, 60 bases

16.24 €

Abri Soft Basic bed base 60 x 90 cm, 30 bases

13.16 €

Abri Soft Superdry absorbent bed base 70x180 ...

28.74 €

Attends pant diapers Pull-ons - large

20.70 €

Attends pant diapers Pull-ons - medium

28.82 €

Attends pant diapers Pull-ons - small

22.10 €

Attends diapers Pull-ons - X large

19.24 €

Attends diapers Pull-ons - X small

23.81 €

Attends pads 60x60 cm, 50 pads

14.41 €

Attends pads 60x90 cm, 50 pads

21.20 €

Attends pads 80x170 cm, 30 pads

19.42 €

Attends Soft Extra 3+ suggestions for stronge...

2.63 €

Attends Soft Mini 1 Long templates for modera...

3.23 €

Attends Soft Mini 1 templates for mild incont...

4.70 €

Attends Soft Normal 2 suggestions for moderat...

5.96 €

Attends Soft Ultra 0 Mini templates for mild ...

4.38 €

Cavilon 3M non-burning protective film and sp...

90.04 €

Cavilon 3M non-burning protective film and sp...

19.70 €

Cavilon 3M permanent protective barrier cream...

22.36 €

Id Anamini Men extra plus inserts, 28 inserts

13.55 €

Id Anamini Men extra inserts, 28 inserts

13.55 €

iD Belt Maxi Large trouser templates with bel...

10.12 €

iD Belt Maxi Medium trouser templates with be...

9.36 €

iD Belt Super Large trouser templates with be...

9.68 €

iD Pants Active Normal Large absorbent pantie...

14.24 €

iD Pants Active Normal Medium absorbent panti...

11.71 €

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