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Hair, skin, nails

Accessories for hair, nails, and skin are indispensable to everyday care and beauty. These accessories include various products and tools that help care for, shape, and improve the appearance of hair, nails, and skin. Hair, nail, and skin products help to solve various problems such as hair breakage, dry skin, brittle nails, nail inflammation, pimples, acne, pigment spots, wrinkles, and other skin or hair problems.

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Cosmetics include various products and tools for skin care and make-up. makeupncludes cleansing sponges, makeup bmakeup, powder sponges, facial cleansing brushes, hand massagers, facial massage rollers, skin circulation rollers, and other skincare and beauty products. Manicure and pedicure accessories include various tools and products for the care of fingernails and toenails. This includes nail files, scissors, tweezers, cuticle trimmers, cuticle pushers, cuticle scrubbers, nail creams and oils, and nail polishes. Hair combs are essential accessories for combing, shaping, and arranging hair. Different brushes and combs suit different hair types, textures, and lengths. With proper use and care, these accessories can help maintain the health, vitality, and beauty of hair, nails, and skin and improve the general well-being and self-confidence of the individual.

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Allpresan 2 nail care oil, 50 mL

15.19 €

Allpresan 5 freshener in sweat foot spray, 10...

17.60 €

Allpresan 7 shoe freshener, 100 mL

16.20 €

Allpresan 7 tincture for fungus-infected nail...

15.19 €

Amai nourishing hand and nail cream for dry s...

2.98 €

Amai Restorative Hand and Nail Cream for Dry ...

2.23 €

Amai moisturizing hand and nail protection cr...

2.98 €

Anios Quick wipes, dose + 120 wipes

10.39 €

Apilana Hands Hand Cream, 50 mL

5.30 €

Bakuchi (Bavchi) nourishing oil, 100 g

20.09 €

Barbara Bort flash of light shadow eyeshadow

From 5.73 €

Barbara Bort nail polish, 9 mL

8.70 €

Barbara Bort nail hardener nail polish harden...

6.86 €

Barbara Bort primissimo nail polish, 13 mL

9.80 €

Manicure nail clipper

5.18 €

Belfeet belmasque foot moisturizing mask, 200...

18.61 €

Bema Belle Mani nail care lotion, 10 mL

12.59 €

Bionime GM 550 blood sugar meter, 1 set

13.11 €

Bionime Rightest GS 550 sensor, 10 pieces

9.89 €

Bio-Selenium + Zinc Pharma Nord, 30 tablets

10.53 €

Biotope dry brewer's yeast powder, 250 g

2.47 €

Capillar hair and nail supplement, 30 tablets

10.06 €

Caudalie set: hand cream and lip stick, 30 mL...

11.63 €

Caudalie set: hand / nail cream and lip balm,...

11.63 €

CBD ointment 300 mg, 30 mL

17.26 €

CBD resin 1000 mg, 5 mL

49.57 €

CBD resin 1500 mg (30%), 5 mL

73.26 €

CELLFOOD silicon plus drops, 118 mL

40.77 €

Cozy nail polish file

8.88 €

DoppelHerz silicon finger + biotin + zinc, 40...

7.75 €

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