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Gloves and face masks

Gloves and protective masks are key tools for ensuring personal safety and preventing disease transmission and contamination. Both products are widely applicable in a variety of environments, including healthcare facilities, laboratories, food processing, manufacturing, cleaning services, and domestic environments.

A more detailed description of the category: Gloves and protective masks

Gloves are typically made from various materials, including latex, vinyl, nitrile, and polyethylene, and are designed to protect hands from contamination and injury. In the healthcare sector, gloves are essential to prevent the transmission of infections between patients and healthcare workers and to ensure a sterile environment during surgical procedures. In laboratory environments, gloves protect against chemicals, biological materials, and other potentially hazardous substances. Protective masks are designed to prevent inhaling particles, droplets, and microorganisms and protect the mouth and nose from external hazards. In healthcare facilities, masks are essential to prevent infection transmission, especially during epidemics of respiratory diseases such as influenza, colds, and COVID-19. In addition to protecting hands and breathing, gloves and masks are essential for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness.

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Dermagrip protective gloves, 100 pcs

From 13.96 €

Hartmann Peha Soft Nitrile white transparent ...

From 13.96 €

Hartmann Peha Soft Nitrile transparent gloves...

From 8.87 €

Hartmann Peha Soft Vinyl transparent gloves -...

13.96 €

Sigvaris latex gloves - shorter version

From 5.47 €

Face mask - disposable, washable or medical m...

From 14.22 €

PE gloves, 100 pcs

2.14 €

Abena Nitrile blue gloves - size S, 150 glove...

8.52 €

Surgical masks IIR, 50 masks

14.22 €

Wero DuraLine nitrile gloves without powder, ...

6.60 €

Nitrylex Basic gloves, 100 pieces

From 16.90 €

Manusal gloves transparent vinyl powder-free ...

From 8.29 €

Sterile surgical gloves - powder-free, 50 glo...

From 49.50 €

Nitrile gloves, 100 gloves

From 16.90 €

Aldena nitrile gloves, black or blue, 100 pie...

From 6.19 €

Sempermed Supreme surgical gloves, 50 gloves

From 75.90 €

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