Trigger devices

Trigger devices allow patients with diabetes to monitor blood glucose levels continuously. These devices are designed to automatically measure glucose in the intercellular fluid through a tiny sensor probe placed under the skin. Data on glucose levels are then transmitted to the patient's receiver or smartphone in real-time, allowing continuous monitoring without needing a traditional finger prick.

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Trigger devices enable continuous monitoring of glucose levels, which is critical to accurate diabetes management. Instead of being limited to a few measurements daily, patients can now monitor their glucose levels throughout the day and night, giving them better insight into their condition and better-adjusting therapy. In addition, they also allow you to monitor glucose level trends, which helps identify patterns and trends and adjust your health regimen accordingly. For example, if the device detects a sudden rise or fall in glucose levels, the patient can react accordingly to prevent hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia. Trigger devices are also convenient and discreet to use. Placing the sensor under the skin is relatively painless and easy, and once in place, the device is virtually unnoticeable. In addition, many trigger devices allow wireless connection to smartphones, allowing patients to quickly and discreetly monitor their glucose data on their devices.

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Accu-Chek Softclix II trigger device

18.29 €

Accu-Chek Softclix pro trigger device

18.73 €

Haemolance Low Flow 25 G lancet, 100 lancet

16.25 €

Haemolance Normal Flow 21 G lancet, 100 lance...

16.25 €

OneTouch Delica chain device, 1 device

10.73 €

Microlet Next trigger, 1 trigger

6.48 €

Wellion secure lancets with double protection...

From 30.73 €

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