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Measuring sheets for monitors

Together with modern meters, test strips have become an indispensable part of the daily life of many people with diabetes and other people who need regular blood glucose monitoring or other physiological parameters. Their use allows patients to monitor their health, adjust therapy, and maintain adequate blood glucose levels, which is critical to managing diabetes and maintaining overall health.

Details about the category: Measurement sheets for measurers

Measurement strips for meters are vital in various medical and laboratory procedures, especially when measuring blood glucose in diabetics. These small and thin leaflets contain chemical reagents that react with the glucose in the blood sample. The reaction causes a color or electrical signal change, which the meter interprets and displays as a measured blood glucose value. The test strips are designed to be compatible with specific meters or glucometers, ensuring accurate and reliable glucose measurement. They are usually packed in individual packages or containers that allow easy removal and use of individual leaflets without the risk of contamination or damage. Using measuring sheets is simple and does not require special knowledge or skills. First, the person taking the blood glucose test must prick their finger with a lancet to obtain a small drop of blood. He then places a drop of blood on the test strip, where it is absorbed and triggers a chemical reaction. The meter then measures the change and displays the result as a blood glucose level on the screen.

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2in1. MaX glucose test strips

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3in1 cholesterol test strips, 25 strips

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3in1 cholesterol test strips, 5 slips

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3in1 test strips for triglycerides, 25 sheets

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3in1 test strips for triglycerides, 5 strips

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Accu-Check Aviva Nano glucosa glucose test st...

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Accu-Chek Aviva glucose test strips, 50 strip...

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Accu-Chek Guide test strips - glucose, 50 str...

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Accu-chek mobile test strips, 50 strips

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Accutrend cholesterol test strips, 25 pcs

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Accutrend test strips for measuring triglycer...

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Ascensia Contour Next test strips, 50 strips

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Bayer Contour next test strips, 50 strips

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FreeStyle Optium ketone ketone sheets, 10 tes...

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FreeStyle Optium glucose slips, 50 test strip...

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Medisana GlucoDock test strips, 50 strips

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MediSmart Ruby glucose slips, 50 slips

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OneTouch Verio test strips, 50 pcs.

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Smartlab PRO test strips, 50 tight strips

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Glucolab test strips, 50 test strips

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The Edge lactate test strips, 25 strips

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Wellion Calla glucose test strips, 10 test st...

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Wellion Calla test strips, 50 strips

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Wellion Galileo glucose test strips, 50 strip...

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Wellion Galileo ketone test strips, 10 strips

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Wellion Gluco Calea glucose test strips, 50 s...

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Wellion Luna Duo cholesterol test strips, 10 ...

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Wellion Luna Duo glucose test strips, 50 stri...

From 25.69 €

Accu Chek Instant Glucose Test strips, 50 pcs

30.00 €

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