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Lancets and needles

Lancets and needles are vital in the medical world for performing diagnostic tests, treating various diseases, and other medical procedures. They are essential to ensure accurate diagnosis, effective treatment, and patients' overall health and well-being.

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Lancets are small, thinly pointed devices, usually made of metal or plastic, with a point at the end for piercing the skin. They are used to obtain a small drop of blood for a blood glucose test, blood type, or other laboratory test. Lancets are often part of glucometers and blood sugar measuring devices used by people with diabetes to monitor blood glucose levels regularly. Their use is quick, relatively painless, and straightforward, which makes it easy to use even at home. A needle is another medical device that pierces the skin and accesses blood vessels or tissue. There are different sizes and thicknesses of needles depending on the intended use. The needle can be used to introduce drugs such as insulin injections for diabetics, vaccine injections, intravenous drug administration, or blood collection for laboratory tests.

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2in1 Gentle universal lancet, 100 lancet

10.82 €

2in1 Smart Safety lancet, 100 lancets

13.28 €

Accu-Check FastClix lancet

From 2.62 €

Accu-Check Safe-T-Pro Plus, 200 lancet

30.41 €

Accu-Check Safe-T-Pro Uno, 200 lancet

18.04 €

Bionime GL 300 sterile lancet, 200 lancet

24.37 €

CoaguChek Softclix, 50 lancet

7.12 €

GlucoDock lancets for sugar meter, 100 pcs.

6.08 €

GlucoMen Ready lancet, 25 lancets

0.00 €

Haemolance Low Flow 25 G lancet, 100 lancet

16.25 €

Haemolance Normal Flow 21 G lancet, 100 lance...

16.25 €

Lancet 200/1 (GLUCOLAB - Greenlan)

21.36 €

Lancet Softclix 100

10.86 €

Lancet Softclix 200

24.03 €

Microdot lancet, 100 lancets

10.17 €

Microlet colored lancets, 25 pcs

2.68 €

OneTouch Delica lancet, 100 lancets

10.56 €

SmartLab sterile lancets, 200 lancets

13.67 €

Universal (Glucocard) lancets for use in a tr...

10.82 €

Wellion 28G lancet, 100 lancets

9.45 €

Wellion 28G, 50 lancet

5.20 €

Wellion 33G lancet, 100 lancets

9.45 €

Wellion Safety Lancets safety lancets, 200 la...

From 30.51 €

ACCU-Fine needles, 100 needles

From 16.94 €

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