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Health devices are a variety of medical devices and equipment used in pharmacies for diagnostics, monitoring of health conditions, patient counseling, and the manufacture and sale of medicines. These devices are critical to providing quality pharmaceutical care and supporting patients' health and well-being.

Detailed description of the category: Devices

Pharmacy health devices are crucial in providing quality pharmaceutical care and supporting patients' health and well-being. With the correct use of these devices, diagnostics, monitoring of health conditions, and provision of pharmaceutical services are improved, contributing to better patient health and quality of life. Health monitoring is crucial for maintaining good health, preventing disease, effectively treating existing health problems, and the individual's overall well-being. With diagnostic tests and regular medical examinations, diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other chronic diseases can be detected before symptoms appear.

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2in1 Smart sugar control set, 1 set

44.99 €

3A Health Care Respira an ultrasonic inhaler

95.92 €

3in1 automatic meter for sugar, cholesterol a...

69.99 €

Access support for wrist immobilization

From 15.67 €

Accu-Check Aviva Nano glucosa glucose test st...

34.55 €

Accutrend plus gauge

172.30 €

Aerochamber Plus Flow-Vu attachment for adult...

From 19.01 €

Airmag humidifier for radiator - 50 or 80 cm

From 25.84 €

Breathalyzer for personal use

52.09 €

Allergy Sensitive pillow cover - size class I...

From 34.91 €

Anal probe - I - TOUCH SURE

40.00 €

AngelSounds Classic baby heart listening devi...

43.30 €

Inflatable antidecubitis

From 22.98 €

Apparatus visomat handy IV wrist

75.65 €

Apex tablet cutter, 1 set

8.99 €

Fragrances for ultrabreeze moisturizer

From 4.85 €

Artsana bedding

12.43 €

Baby friend ultrasonic mosquito protection

19.58 €

Baj baj electronic dispenser of ticks and fle...

12.83 €

Baj baj electronic ultrasonic dog pacifier

32.34 €

Baj baj house electronic pest repellent LS-92...

28.55 €

Baj baj house pest repellent LS-919

18.43 €

BapscarCare silicone gel with added vitamin E...

39.54 €

BapscarCare T thin silicone coating 10x15 cm,...

18.60 €

BapscarCare T thin silicone coating 5x7 cm, 1...

6.07 €

Body Beautiful Multi body shaping device, 1 s...

139.99 €

Braun BPW4500 iCheck 7 wrist blood pressure m...

105.70 €

Braun nozzles for Thermoscan ear thermometer,...

7.02 €

Brita Marella MEMO water filter mug, 2.4 L

From 26.99 €

Brita spare filters MAXTRA - 1 pc.

7.96 €

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