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Babies and children

The baby category contains a wide range of accessories, materials, and equipment designed for the care, comfort, and safety of newborns and babies. These products cover a variety of areas, from nutrition and hygiene to sleep, safety, and play.

Detailed description of the category: Babies and children

Diapers are essential for baby care, as they protect against wetness and dirt and keep the skin dry. There are disposable diapers and reusable, washable diapers made from cotton, bamboo, and microfiber materials. Feeding aids include bottles, pacifiers, food storage pots, high chairs, and solid food introduction aids. Grooming accessories include hairbrushes and combs, nail clippers, temperature thermometers, bath towels, moisturizers, skin care lotions, baby soaps and shampoos, and oral care products. Bath accessories include tubs, bath supports, water thermometers, towels, sponges, and gentle soaps to clean your baby's skin while bathing. Baby products are essential to ensure the comfort, safety, and health of the newborn and baby.

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Avent bottle cleaning brush

10.40 €

Cotton cotton swabs - biodegradable, 200 or 3...

From 1.79 €

CuraBaby children's toothbrush set

25.19 €

KaWe tweezers for ticks, 1 tweezers

10.70 €

Dental appliance or denture box

4.54 €

Dr. Pasha natural baby cream, 100 mL

9.99 €

Haakaa set of feeder and protective cover for...

From 22.99 €

Haakaa set silicone breast pump and 3rd gener...

54.00 €

Haakaa set of 3rd generation silicone baby bo...

41.00 €

Haakaa set of silicone cleaning brushes - dry...

28.77 €

Haakaa 3rd generation silicone baby bottle, 1...

From 32.99 €

Haakaa 1st generation silicone breast pump, w...

From 26.45 €

Haakaa 2nd generation silicone breast pump - ...

60.00 €

Haakaa 2nd generation silicone breast pump, 1...

From 23.77 €

Haakaa silicone feeding tubes, 1 set

14.00 €

Haakaa silicone tray - different colors, 1 tr...

From 21.99 €

Haakaa silicone flower cap, 1 cap

From 10.90 €

Haakaa silicone breast pump cap, 1 cap

10.99 €

Haakaa silicone colostrum collectors set - pr...

37.99 €

Haakaa silicone breast milk collector - ladyb...

From 23.99 €

Nosiboo Go accessory kit, 1 set

From 14.50 €

Nosiboo GO-portable nasal aspirator, 1 access...

165.00 €

Nosiboo Pro accessory kit, 1 set

From 15.71 €

Nosiboo PRO nasal aspirator, 1 device

From 149.47 €

Cucciolo Baby Natural spray Bye Bye Bites, 10...

8.50 €

Cucciolo Baby Natural balm with essential oil...

13.36 €

Haakaa silicone brush for washing - gray, 1 b...

15.99 €

Haakaa set for baby nail care, 1 set

31.99 €

Omron Nami Cat children's inhaler, 1 inhaler

69.00 €

Mediblink mask for children for compressor in...

5.55 €

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