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Accessories and devices

Our pharmacy offers a wide range of aids and devices designed for various health problems and needs. Various gadgets and devices enable the measurement and monitoring of various health parameters such as body temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar level, heart rate, and others, which are crucial for diagnosing and monitoring various health conditions. Using self-testing aids can help in early detection of health problems and prevent complications. Many gadgets and devices allow people to monitor and manage their health at home, enabling better control over their health and reducing the need for visits to medical institutions.

Detailed description of the Gadgets and devices category

Health aids and devices contribute to a better state of health, improve the quality of life, and enable autonomy and independence in managing your health. Physical therapy and rehabilitation devices assist in recovery from injury, surgery, or illness and contribute to restoring function and mobility. For people with chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma, cardiovascular disease, and others, regular monitoring of health parameters and the use of appropriate equipment can help control the disease and prevent exacerbations. Fitness equipment, massage aids, and other products can help improve physical fitness, relieve pain, relax muscles, and promote well-being, all of which contribute to a better lifestyle. Self-help allows you to use your resources and abilities to solve problems and overcome obstacles. This increases the feeling of independence and self-confidence. The ability to help yourself encourages you to take responsibility for your life and well-being. Health aids and devices play a vital role in diagnosing, treating, monitoring, and preventing diseases and contribute to better health outcomes and quality of life for individuals. Many products enable the measurement of various physiological parameters, crucial for diagnosing diseases, monitoring the state of health, and determining the need for further treatment. Specific devices are intended to treat health problems.

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2in1 Gentle universal lancet, 100 lancet

10.82 €

2in1 insulin pen needles, 100 needles

From 14.63 €

2in1 Smart Safety lancet, 100 lancets

13.28 €

2in1 Smart sugar control set, 1 set

44.99 €

3A Health Care Respira an ultrasonic inhaler

95.92 €

3in1 automatic meter for sugar, cholesterol a...

69.99 €

3in1 cholesterol test strips, 25 strips

54.39 €

3in1 cholesterol test strips, 5 slips

19.50 €

3in1 test strips for triglycerides, 25 sheets

54.39 €

3in1 test strips for triglycerides, 5 strips

24.39 €

3-wheel walker DGW-ERGO

124.78 €

4-wheel walker (roller) ARTHRITIS with armres...

657.52 €

4-wheel walker GMA with padded shoulder suppo...

587.02 €

4-wheel walker GMU with ABS plastic tray

195.74 €

4-wheel walker LIGERO, light - 7 kg; seat hei...

141.51 €

4-wheel walker LIGERO, light - 7 kg; seat hei...

141.51 €

4-wheel walker XXL

517.19 €

Abena Refill body cloths 18x20 cm, 80 cloths

5.95 €

Abri man formula 1 diapers for men, 14 diaper...

3.72 €

Abri man Formula 2 panties for men, 15 pantie...

5.99 €

Abri man diapers for men - Normal, 30 pcs

8.81 €

Abri Man Premium Special diapers for men, 21 ...

12.30 €

Abri man Premium Zero low absorbent diapers f...

12.02 €

Abri net 4251 fishnet shorts, 5 shorts

4.12 €

Abri net 9249 fishnet pants, 5 shorts

2.78 €

Abri net 9249 fishnet pants, 5 shorts

3.07 €

Abri net 9250 fishnet pants, 5 shorts

3.00 €

Abri net 9251 fishnet pants, 5 shorts

4.12 €

Abri net 9252 fishnet pants, 5 pcs

3.81 €

Abri net 9252 fishnet pants, 50 pcs

34.87 €

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